A Psychiatric Technology Program Might Be Right For You

If you are looking for a career that is rewarding and also has a great future, you should consider a psychiatric technology program. The great thing about a psychiatric program is that it can be completed in as little as 14 months, allowing you to get out of school and into the professional workforce in as little time as possible. If you want to work in the medical field but are discouraged by the years of schooling required to become a nurse or doctor, a psychiatric technology program might just be right for you.

In order to qualify for a psychiatric technology program, you only need to have a high school diploma, and most schools have some sort of entrance exam and/or interview process. People from all age groups, ethnicities, backgrounds and walks of life find themselves in a psychiatric technology program; some who have just graduated from high school and some whose children are in high school. Not everyone is right for a psychiatric technology program, though; you must be compassionate and able to cope with highly stressful situations. If this sounds like you, then you might have found your calling. Once you have completed a psychiatric technology program, you will likely find a job in no time, because this is a field that is highly in demand. After completing a psychiatric technology program in just over a year, students receive their certification and are often assisted in getting a job by the school that they attended. The average range of pay for psychiatric technicians is $15 to $27 per hour, or $30,720 to $51,840 per year. The more experience you acquire and the more initiative that you show, the more you will earn. A psychiatric technology program is the only way to get started, though.

If you are unhappy with your current line of work, and are looking for a career in medicine that will always be more than just a job, a psychiatric technology program might be right for you.

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