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LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse is also called LVN (licensed vocational nurse). This profession is really attractive and with the steady demand for nurses in the medical field, you're sure to land a job after you graduate and acquire a license. One of the most important feelings to have is empathy and compassion for your patients. The duty of the LPN is to care for the injured, ill, convalescent, and disabled patients under the supervision of registered nurses and physicians.

The job of the LPN is to bedside nursing care but they can also perform and take blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respirations, give medications and injections, observe patients and apply dressings.

You should be aware that LVN training can be hard at first but once you're familiar with the basic procedures and you've passed the licensure exam, you will enjoy the profession. You will need to find a state-approved training program exclusively for LPNs. After completing the training program, you will need to pass the licensing program. The license is needed for you to work as an LVN. Without it, you can't be hired. The training program will only take you about a year to 14 months to finish and is the fastest way to enter the medical industry.

Community colleges and private colleges offer the LPN training. The training program is divided into two categories‚ÄĚthe classroom instruction and the clinical practice. The classroom instructions will teach potential LPNs about the basics of nursing (patient care) and anatomy and physiology. You will also learn about medication administration, pharmacology, nutrition. For the clinical practice, you will spend your time in the hospital or clinic.

In just 1-2 years's time, you will learn the skills that an LVN should possess and this is also your chance to gain experience. Once you land a job, you will work around forty hours a week. There are times when you will be requested to work during holidays, weekends, and even at night. This is because the job of the LPNs is round the clock.

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