But sometimes, teacher knows best

In out last blog, where we wrote "we do listen and do care, we talked about how at Gurnick Academy, instructors do consider the LVN students' comments in their teaching methods. After all, we are here for them, and we should be concerned primarily with providing our students on the LVN program with the best services possible. Our primary goal is to give our nursing students the necessary knowledge and skills to graduate, obtain their professional LVN licenses, and enter the professional world to be LVN nurses. Therefore, when new students come and apply to our VN college, they trust us to supply them with these knowledge and skills.

Oftentimes, the teachers have to not only teach the new material in class, but also teach the students the appropriate learning techniques and methods, helping them memorize the material faster and more efficiently. Sometimes, these techniques may seem time-consuming and tedious, such as repetitious rewriting of notes or re-drawing certain diagrams or pictures. However, as painful as these may seem to the students, these are extremely beneficial exercises that have proven time and time again to be the most effective in triggering the conversion of short-term memory into long-term memory.

Yes, we do let our student speak out and we care about their opinion. In one particular case, where students wanted to try not to do these exercises and attempt a different approach, we listened and gave them a chance to try this new approach. However, after a brief test, the students themselves got to see that their perception of a "better method of studying and memorizing was far less effective and they easily agreed to return to the method used originally by the instructor.

The students were glad, because they felt that they were heard and considered and their wishes were satisfied. At the same time, these students gained a higher appreciation for the old proven method. Sometimes, we all need to try the new in order to appreciate the old. And sometimes, an experienced teacher knows better, what works best in learning. But a wise teacher, like a wise leader, has to balance on a fine line between giving up the control to students and being completely in charge. And sometimes, a wise teacher knows best.

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