Care Versus Overcare

Is it possible to care too much for someone? When we care too much about one thing, then who is taking care of the other areas in our life? In the HearthMath e-book "Understanding Care Doc Childre, founder of the Institute of HeartMath, addresses the difference between balanced, genuine care and caring too much. Doc states, "If we become over-identified or over-attached to what we care about, our care becomes overcare. For anyone and especially those that become a LPN or LVN, this simple distinction may bring awareness toward rejuvenation rather than drain.

Childre defines his term overcare as a type of care that generates stress and draws the analogy of overcare to going overboard. We may all start out with great intentions, but can easily tip the balance by going overboard. According to Doc, "¦balanced care is not some placid state that lacks drive and passion. Balance is a dynamic place in the heart that allows us to flex through stress and stay resilient under pressure.

For anyone and particularly those that are a new student in a LVN or LPN school or searching for LVN or LPN jobs in nursing, Childre recommends a self-question that could serve you the rest of your life to foster balanced care: "Is what I am caring about adding quality to my life or is it adding stress? This doesn't amount to dispassion, but rather fosters a sense of innate connection that too often is lost under the demands and stresses at work. Instead of tipping overboard, a balanced state fosters flexibility, energy, and creativity to make choices.

There are several modalities to release the tendency to be in overcare-mode. One of these techniques was developed by the institute of HeartMath® called Cut-Thru®. This 6-step process explains to people how to literally "¦cut-thru their overcares, over-identities, over-attachments--their emotional stress. For more information about how to go from overcare to a balanced state of genuine care visit

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