Consider A Psychiatric Tech Or Radiologic Technology Program

Have you ever considered getting an education through a psychiatric technician program or a radiologic technology program? Doctors, nurses and medical assistants are not the only medical professionals that work in hospitals and other care facilities. There are many different careers in healthcare settings that provide the rewards of helping people and being part of a skilled team. By graduating from a psychiatric technician program or a radiologic technology program, you can be well on your way to one of these exciting careers in two years or less.

If you decide to complete a psychiatric technician program you will probably not have any problem finding work, because there is currently a shortage of trained and experienced psych techs. Most of the jobs for psychiatric technician program graduates are concentrated near state mental health hospitals, but there are also jobs available in prison systems, private mental health care facilities, traditional hospitals and clinics. You might also be able to find work teaching in a psychiatric technician program once you have completed such a program yourself and worked in the field for a while.

You will also ensure yourself a promising future with job stability and good salary by completing a radiologic technology program. Since the technology continues to advance, only qualified individuals that complete at least a two-year radiologic technology program can operate X-Ray machines and other radiologic devices. These services are also becoming more important as the population continues to age, because the number of patients that require radiologic exams and procedures grows as a result. And once you complete a radiologic technology program, you can find work in a large hospital, a suburban outpatient clinic or a rural doctor's office in dozens of clinical areas ranging from prenatal care to orthopedics. If you have always been interested in a healthcare career, one of these exciting and challenging medical education programs might be right for you.

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