Differences between the LPN and RN

LPN stands for Licensed Practical Nurse. There are a few states (California and Texas) that utilize the term LVN, which stands for Licensed Vocational Nurse. The LPN and the LVN are the same. RN stands for Registered Nurse. One of the biggest differences between the LPN and the RN is the length of schooling. The student interested in becoming an RN can do a bachelors degree which requires four years or can go to a Community College and be prepared in as little as 2 years. The student who wishes to become an LPN can finish up the program in 1 year or can go to a 14 month program. So one can definitely see that it takes a much shorter time to enter the health care workplace and become and LPN.

The salary of an LPN and an RN differ.The LPN can expect to earn anywhere for$30,000-$45,000/year.The RN can expect to make, on the average, around $56,000-$70,000/year. The discrepancy between the two has to do with the job differences and responsibility.

The LPN works under the supervision of a doctor or nurse and do basic nursing care and medication administration.The RN on the other hand can work independently with the physician orders and administer intravenous treatment and care for patients in the critical care units.

There are various factors that one needs to look at, how fast do you want to get out of school and do you want to work independently or under the supervision of an RN and/or physician? One career path is to get our LPN license, get a job and do a bridge program in as little time as a year and become an RN.

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