Facts About The Psychiatric Technician Program

A psychiatric technician program generally lasts between oe and two years, depending on the type of license you are training for. You will go through different classes and training to learn the basics of psychiatry and its practice. Your hands-on training allows you to work in a variety of hospitals and health agencies within the community. As you complete the psychiatric technician program, you earn credits for future training and are eligible to take a state licensing program. By satisfying additional requirements for graduation, students can become eligible for the Associate in Science Degree.

The psychiatric technician program typically costs several thousands of dollars and covers the cost of books, uniforms, and any other needed supplies. If you have any credit for previous training in a psychiatric technician program, you can apply for an advanced training course.

Jobs are available in state hospitals, county facilities, private institutions, and community health centers for many people going through the psychiatric technician program. There is a strong demand for licensed Psychiatric Technicians so many institutions will take on students and trainees as hands-on training. Most Psychiatric Technician Program licenses are accredited by the State Board of Vocational Nurse and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT). If you have the opportunity to work in the health field before enrolling in the psychiatric technician program, you should take advantage, as it will put you ahead when you join the program.

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