Fast Paced LVN program in California

"¦This too shall pass¦ When you hear this simple phrase, if you are happy, it makes you feel a little sad, and when you are sad, it makes you feel a little better. This is something, you would hear in a movie or read from a book, but it is so true! No matter what is happening in one's life at present, it will pass and be replaced by something else.

LVN students attending a fast-paced LVN program in California know this, probably, better than others, because going through the tough times may be overwhelming at times, and yet these times will pass. The nerve-wrecking exams and quizzes, the challenging and demanding instructors, disciplining the students, the early morning rising to get to the clinical sites on time, and late middle-of-the-night study groups, all these shall pass, and be replaced by more quiet routine of a day-to-day life of an LVN nurse. The stresses of the accelerated nursing program will go away along with the nursing school uniform scrubs and mountains of textbooks. Frustration over lack of time to do anything besides studying or attending classes, lack of sleep, not being able to be with family, children, spouses, parents, will soon be replaced with new worries, getting ready for the board exam. But with these worries, the good things will pass too. The fun of hanging out with classmates of the nursing class, the happy times, the potlucks, and making jokes of each other will pass too.

LVN students can clearly see it and feel it especially on their graduation day, when with the relief from hard work of endless studies, they anticipate the coming separation from each other and the teachers they have grown to love. The heart-wrenching slide show of the photos taken during clinical rotations, having fun, learning, experimenting, and discovering touches everyone's heart and making everyone cry. Tears of students, who have grown from strangers to best friends, knowing that soon they will move on with their lives and say good bye to the old class, the LVN college, and people who have become their extended family.
This too shall pass, they say. The time of joy and sorrow is replaced by new worries and new routines, now smiles, laughter, new faces. Life goes on, and we move on with it.

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