Getting To The Heart Of Medicine

Licensed vocational nurse work with registered nurses and doctors in proving care to sick and injured people. After completing a licensed vocational nursing program, LPN nurses work at hospitals, elderly homes and private clinics.

There are a number of LPN programs that individuals can choose from. There are more than 500 universities as well as community colleges that offer LVN program California. Most LVN training is for a year. However, schools expect that students have a high school diploma before they enroll into LPN school.

Nurses form the core of the medical community. However, in the recent past there has been a shortage of registered nurses in the country. LVN program help fill the shortfall of registered nurses. LPN nurses work under the guidance of registered nursing practitioners as well as doctors.

At LVN school, students will learn to observe patients; report changes in patients' conditions; administer prescribed medications; measure and record patients' vital signs, plan and modify care, and implement interventions. LPN nurses work at hospitals, private clinics, senior citizen homes. The services of LPN nurses are extremely valuable to senior citizens as well as disabled people.

Individuals who attend LVN school can choose between a shorter LVN certificate program and a longer LVN diploma program. However, all students who attend LVN school need to pass a licensing examination after completing a State-approved practical nursing program.

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