Good Candidates For A Radiologic Training Program

If you are thinking about attending a radiologic technology program, you are quite possibly about to make one of the best decisions regarding your career. Radiologic training will prepare you for steady work in a field that is rewarding and demanding; working with doctors and patients. The work required for a radiologic training program is difficult, though, and the job is not for everyone. Following are some facts that might help you decide if radiologic training is for you. Good candidates for a radiologic technology program will have skills in the areas of communication, physical strength and observation.


Completing a radiologic training program and working in the field also requires being sensitive to patients' physical and psychological needs, and being able pay attention to detail and follow instructions. Radiologic training will prepare you to operate complicated equipment, as well, which requires mechanical ability and manual dexterity. High school courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology are helpful, as well as the ability to work well with a team. After completing a radiologic training program, you will be able to enjoy faster-than-average growth in the industry, thanks to an increase in the number of middle-aged and older persons who are the primary users of diagnostic procedures. It is best to complete more than one radiologic technology program, though.

Those who are educated and credentialed in more than one type of diagnostic imaging technology will have the best employment opportunities. So, if you are willing to complete radiologic training in radiography, sonography and nuclear medicine, for example, your career opportunities will be even higher. After completing a radiologic technology program, the median annual earnings of radiologic technologists were $45,261as of 2007. If this sounds good to you, and if the requirements of the job and the training sound like something you could do, you may be a great candidate for a radiologic training program.

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