Growing Career Demands through LVN Programs

LVN stands for Licensed Vocational Nurse or the Licensed Practical Nurse, LPN. LVN’s are registered nurses who take care of the sick, injured and disabled people under the proper supervision of the physicians. LVN programs are very rewarding and the salaries are really attractive. These programs make way to facilitate the basic care to the patients.

LVN nursing is a fundamental education on patient’s care and recovery. They treat bedsores, give injections and enemas, apply dressings, provide massages, monitors catheters etc. It is a vital lifesaving profession since they are a critical link between the patient and doctor.

The prerequisites to join the LVN programs include an age-bar of 17yrs or older. The applicant must produce a copy of your High School Diploma, GED or its equivalent certificate, current immunization record, healthcare provider CPR. Applicant has to pass the school enrolment exam and pass an interview with the institution directors. The preferred courses are anatomy, physiology and general psychology.

The institutes of Medical Education provide the healthcare community with expertise required to fulfill their daily professional needs. Clinical part of the student’s education occurs mainly in the hospitals. After undergoing the training in LVN and obtaining a license, nurses can find jobs in hospitals, nursing homes or in a doctor’s office.

When it comes to the healthcare occupation, nursing holds the largest share of job opportunities and they are one of the 10 ten occupations which or the possibility of the most jobs annually. The market demand is very huge when compared with other professions. Therefore, it is quite evident that the nursing jobs are not just lucrative but also in huge demand. With advancement in technologies and invention of new methods of treatment, healthcare jobs have more opportunities to diversify.

The market demand is something which gives much worth to this course. It is not just that LVN nursing is of great demand due to the aging workforce and shortage of nursing school enrolments. Also the reason that the old age problems are increasing with more of patients preferring home based treatment and caring. This need is only helping the cause and encouraging the LVN nursing job opportunities.

After you become an LVN, in less than two years you can become an RN (registered nurse) which is a step lesser than a MD. Some RNs start their careers as licensed practical nurses and then later go back to schools to receive the RN degree. As a registered nurse, the salaries will be a lot higher and the demand in the market is no less either. LVN Certification is the easiest path to become a registered nurse and the best part is that your employment is guaranteed until you become one.

Nurses can advance in their careers to an assistant unit manager or a head nurse or more senior levels like chief nurse. Few of them also get into other business segments of healthcare. Employers need RNs for health planning and development, consulting, marketing etc. There is also the requirement of registered nurses as the faculty in colleges or universities.

An LVN salary will depend upon the medical institutions and the states or locations. An LVN salary would fall anywhere from $35,000 to $45,000 annually. Like already mentioned, the demand for LVN is ever increasing due to the shortage of workforce. Hence when the supply fails to meet the demand, salary is made more competitive to attract more qualified nurses. LVN is absolutely the profession which has huge demand in the market.

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