Having A Job In The Medical Field But Not As A Doctor

There are a number of individuals who loved to be associated in the medical field but who think that studying medicine is not for them/ People who have a phlebotomy license fall under this category.

Phlebotomy is a branch of clinical laboratory technician. Individuals who have attended phlebotomy courses are certified to collect blood samples from patients for analysis. The phlebotomy license also prepares the individual to interpret the results of the blood test.

Most hospitals employ phlebotomists for the blood work. At hospitals, phlebotomists work closely with clinical lab technicians and help in the interpretation of data. The average pay for a phlebotomist is $10.73 an hour.

There are several avenues of work for a phlebotomist. He or she can work at government and private hospitals, blood banks, medical offices and clinics. In the case of private clinics, the phlebotomist works closely with the doctor.

Phlebotomist training equips these individuals with a range of skills. These individuals study techniques in micro-collection, procedures for specimen collection kits and containers, techniques in patient identification, blood sampling and occupational and safety health agency regulations

There are several colleges and universities across the nation that now offer phlebotomy courses as well as phlebotomy licensing.

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