How To Obtain A Phlebotomist Certification

Do you know what a phlebotomist certification is about? A phlebotomist certification is given to professionals that are employed in different health fields and work for medical institutions, clinics and laboratories. They are called phlebotomists, because their job is to assist the doctors and the nurses with the blood collection. In order to be allowed to do this they need a phlebotomist certification. Phlebotomy is practiced in hospitals. It is a term that refers to extracting blood from patients with the purpose of performing tests on it or for blood transfusion. A phlebotomist should be a skilled technician. He/she should be professionally trained on how to obtain a blood sample by using sterile methods.


The collection of blood can be done either by puncturing a vein or a fingertip, or by a heel stick, in the case of infants. A phlebotomist does not administer drugs or any type of fluids intravenously, nor does he/she give injections. Sometimes, other kind of tasks can be performed by a phlebotomist. For instance, he/she can set up blood tests or testing of urine samples. A phlebotomist should also be prepared to help a patient recover if he gives signs of adverse reactions to medications or of trauma. But, in order to obtain such a job a phlebotomist certification is required. Health care is a continuous growing field, so the need for employers with a phlebotomist certification is growing, too. If in the past years, phlebotomy was a skill people learned on the job, nowadays a special training is obligatory. The training can take one year and it includes internship in a medical institution.

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