Licensed Vocational Nurses

A licensed vocational nurse's job involves caring for the sick, convalescent, injured and disabled under the direction of superiors. The superiors who give them directions could be either physicians or registered nurses. A licensed vocational nurse LVN has to do a wide variety of work as part of their job profile. A licensed vocational nurse does things such as taking temperature, pulse or pressure, besides providing basic bedside care. They also give injections, apply dressing and treat bedsores. A licensed vocational nurse is also supposed to collect samples for testing, record food and fluid intake and output. There are instances when in order to help keep patients comfortable, a licensed vocational nurse LVN also assists with dressing and bathing. There are certain states where a vocational nurse is allowed by the law to administer prescribed medicines also.

Most of these nurses work for around 40 hours in a week. This is so since patients need to be taken care of round-the-clock. A licensed vocational nurse LVN though a career aspiration of many involves long periods of strenuous work. This apart a licensed vocational nurse also sometimes faces hazards from radiation and infectious diseases. A lot of stress comes along with the job since a lot of times patients themselves may be uncooperative.

In order to become a licensed vocational nurse one needs to pass a licensing examination. This examination known as the NCLEX-PN is to be passed after completion of a state-approved practical nursing program. All said and done a career the career of a licensed vocational nurse is a financially rewarding one. Career growth prospects are also good in the field. One can become an administrator or a clinical nurse specialist. There are instances when specialized nurses such as an anesthetist are known to earn as much as a physician.

There is an acute shortage of trained nurses. This is the case the world over and not limited to any country. This is one reason why many are driven towards doing a course for becoming a licensed vocational nurse. One should be careful enough to do a quality program though. It is always preferable that you do a nursing course from an accredited institution. A good licensed vocational nurse training program should be able to equip you with all the necessary knowledge to pass out the state-approved exam. A typical licensed vocational nurse program would last for about a year. There are other programs which go on for a longer duration. The course syllabus would consist of practical as well as theory classes. You can always locate a good licensed vocational nurse training program through a simple online search. Another good way of locating a particular training program would be to contact the 'National Council of State Boards of Nursing'. You can always visit their website to find out more in detail about the various institutions offering nursing programs. You can also find valuable information on the latest developments in the field by visiting scores of other online resources which are dedicated to nursing.

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