Advancement Opportunities for LVN

The job of an LVN is very tough with a lot of challenges.  An LVN faces the prospect of infection from bedsores, risk from dangerous diseases such as hepatitis, and dealing with a myriad of reactions of patients.  Fortunately, many healthcare schools offer programs for an LVN to be able to progress from this role to the role of an RN or Registered Nurse.

Licensed Vocational Nurses would need to complete at least two years of service in their current role with a healthcare facility.  Upon completion of the desired time, an LVN can opt for a special year-long program that will allow them to get promoted to the next level.  The Department of Labor’s Statistical Bureau (BLS) has reported that approximately 1200 schools offer this program in the United States.

The schools that have started this type of programs have found a great degree of LVN attrition due to the demand of RNs in healthcare organizations.  LVNs enrolling in this special program study human anatomy, microbiology, physiology, psychology, mathematics and other subjects.   Those students scoring a GPA higher than 2.5 may qualify to be a RN within the healthcare school.

Many LVNs actually do not complete this program.  When polled, LVNs currently working in healthcare organizations cited the one year waiting period of the RN program as the reason.  Under these conditions, the LVN would have had to wait for one year after completion of the program to start working as an RN.

The scenario has changed today with a lot of RN advancement programs being made available as summer courses.  Enrolling in these summer courses allows an LVN to complete their education while working as an LVN.  This mode of curriculum has found increased acceptance among LVN and the enrollments are increasing everyday.

Working the hard grind as an LVN is important for one to move up the ladder in the role of a RN. Putting long hours and yet demonstrating exceptional performance during the role of LVN would make an LVN a good RN.  Please note that an LVN deals with a lot of challenges.  Getting promoted to an RN does not mean the challenges come to an end.  

A lot of healthcare institutions across the States require Registered Nurses.  The only way one can move into the role of a Registered Nurse is by spending couple of years as a LVN.  Spend a couple of years as a LVN and enroll with the special program promoted by many healthcare schools.  Pass the training program with a minimum score of 2.5 and you are on the way to becoming an RN.

Please note that the role titles may be different but the essence of both the roles is the same – to provide quality healthcare assistance to patients.

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