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People who choose LPN careers are looking for LPN colleges or LPN programs because they want to work with people. Student nurses may have always had the desire to work with older adults. Working with older adults can be very rewarding because they may remind the student of their own parents and grandparents. It also avails the nursing student a world view as they see the entire human lifespan in each of their patients. Patience is also required. Many LPN nursing students have always been the care-givers in their own families and it is a natural role for them. Nursing is rewarding as a science and as an art, because each nursing student has a different style of working with people.

LPN careers (LVN careers) are suited to individuals who enjoy caring for others. These vocations are also best for those with a good organizational sense and the sensitivity to know when something is wrong. These individuals are usually more sensitive but must coordinate their feelings with critical thinking and analysis of each situation and each patient. The scientific method is utilized in order to account for objective and subjective data and incorporate a plan that will assist the patient to achieve their goals.

What are other reasons that individuals choose an LPN career or LPN program? Nursing is very in demand now, in fact there are nursing shortages throughout the country, as the number of nurses strives to keep pace with the need. The United States will have the largest older adult population it has ever had as baby boomers age and live longer. Nursing is a career that nurses can grow as they may choose to change their nursing focus many times in their career. Nurses may enjoy working with the elderly as they begin their career. Later on they may choose to work with teenagers, or specific populations of people with certain disease processes like diabetes, hypertension or stroke.

Nursing is also offers a flexible work hour environment. A full time position may mean three 12-hour shifts, leaving the remaining 4 days free. Alternatively, nursing positions may be a 40-hour per week job, which works best for some individuals and families. All in all, nursing can offer work with many different populations in different time frames and varying proximity to patients, so that nursing attracts many kinds of people, all with the ability to care.

There are a variety of LPN programs available which may entail full time learning, or may be able to accommodate part time studies for those who have to work while going to LPN school. There are also intensive LPN programs that enable student to complete their training within 12-14 months.

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