LVN is the steppingstone to become RN

Nursing degree is the educational criterion for the employability of nurses. Nurses constitute the biggest portion of medical workforce. They work in critical areas of service in hospitals and clinics. They can be employed in all medical specialties like psychology and surgery. Several grades of medical training and healthcare programs are available for nursing education. Licensed practical nurses have two years of medical training with associate degree. They are accredited with an industry endorsed certificate licensure program.

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)
are also referred to as Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) in few regions. The primary function of LVNs works around bedside care, drug administration and adjuvant vital care. Registered Nurses (RNs) constitute the highest percentage of nursing workforce. A four-year college healthcare program is the educational criterion. The licensure and registration process follows industry certification regulations. RNs undergo medical training in specialties like emergency medicine, gynecology and many others. The job function is higher as they work directly under doctors. RNs can undergo further healthcare training to become nurse practitioners.

Nurse practitioners can participate in patient diagnosis; prognosis and treatment plan without physician supervision.  LVNs and RNs earn higher per hour wage over other medical assistants. LVN certification programs can be obtained through distance education in certain regions.  The bridge medical programs offer LVNs eligibility to take up RN licensure examination. The primary curriculum of LVN to RN bridge programs does not exceed more than three semesters. The above program can enable most LVNs to become RNs in three years. This medical training program can offset the current shrinkage in specialized nursing skills.

A large number of LVNs who lost out on applications for RN need not wait long years to become a registered nurse. The LVN training to RN program offered by healthcare schools upgrade the practical experience of a working nurse. The curriculum covers surgical nursing knowledge, leadership and communication and medical management skills. The above medical training program provides adequate knowledge to handle a variety of patients from most primary specialties. RNs are in high demand across hospitals and private clinics.

LVN program to RN offers practical healthcare training in drug interactions, physical assessment, pharmacological valuation and patient management. Paramedics looking to work as RNs can take up the bridge program. The LVN certification program enables effective application of skills with knowledge of medical and legal frameworks. The healthcare program covers topics of resource management, chronic health problems and professional ethics.

LVN program to RN offers a significant opportunity for career development with nursing graduates. The application of critical medical and problem solving skills through the above program has enriched nursing care. 

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