Medical Assistant: Providing Encouragement to Patients

Medical Assistant Clinical Tasks and Patient Care


What is a Medical Assistant?

They are a valuable resource for the Medical Team and plays an important role in the healthcare industry.

What does a Medical Assistants do?

Medical Assistants are the "go to" professional that keeps busy hospitals and clinics running smoothly. They are usually the first point of contact for patients and ensure patient care is a top priority. Medical Assistants provide tremendous support to the medical team by having the ability to perform both patient care duties, both front and back office.  

                                 Clinical Tasks and Patient Care



Physical Examination

  • Record blood pressure, pulse, respiration, temperature, height, and weight
  • Charting: including reason for visit, medical history, including allergies, and medications

Procedures with Patients

  • Patients education
  • Specialty specific procedural preparation
  • Diagnostic tests including EKG’s, hearing and vision tests
  • Post-operative care such as bandage change and suture removal
Medical Assistant Duties Gurnick Academy


Medical Assistant Duties Gurnick Academy

Laboratory Tasks

  • Drawing blood
  • Inventory and ordering of medical supplies
  • Preparing laboratory samples
  • Sterilizing medical equipment


                                           Administrative Tasks


Office duties

  • Answering phones and greeting patients
  • Making appointments
  • Ordering supplies
  • Records management (HIPAA Standart)


Medical Assistant Administrative Tasks


                                         Gurnick Academy's

                             Medical Assistant Program Goals


To provide quality education and training that develops the potential of each student to become a productive, responsible, and professional member of society, as well as a skilled member of the medical assisting workforce.

Our program will prepare you to take the national exam for Clinical Certified Medical Assistant (CCMA). Medical Assistant classes include both theoretical and practical aspects so you’ll get the required skills of a Medical Assistant’s Job.

Applying is as easy as 1-2-3:


Step 1: Meet with the admissions and financial aid teams

Step 2: Complete and pass the entrance exam 

Step 3: Provide all the required documentation


We offer this program at our San Mateo, Concord, Sacramento, Modesto, & Fresno campuses. 




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