No Limits To Where X Ray School Can Take You

If you are thinking about starting an X-Ray program to become a professional radiologic technologist, you might not realize that there are actually four professional radiologic practice areas. After completing an X-Ray program in California and passing state certifications, radiographers can start a career using diagnostic imaging equipment to produce images of tissue, organs, bones and other internal parts of the body. There are different specializations that radiographers can go into after X-Ray school, though, including mammography, computed tomography scans, magnetic resonance imaging or other types of imaging.

Some people pursue an X-Ray program to become a sonographer, which is a person that uses high-frequency sound waves to create human anatomy images. You can also complete an X-Ray program in California to become a nuclear medicine technologist, which involves radiopharmaceuticals and special cameras to create images of organs that help to reveal their functions. X-Ray school can also prepare you to become a radiation therapist, which involves the use of highly focused forms of radiation to treat cancer and other diseases. There are clearly many different places that X-Ray school can take you after graduation.

Right now is a great time to pursue an academic X-Ray program in California, because the demand for radiologic technologists is strong across the country in every health care setting, especially in large metropolitan areas like San Francisco and Los Angeles. X-Ray school graduates can work in large hospitals, suburban outpatient clinics or rural physician's offices, so you can potentially move anywhere in the state or the country. You could specialize in dozens of clinical areas after graduating from an X-Ray program, ranging from prenatal care to orthopedics.

You don't even necessarily have to take X-Rays to work in this field; you could also be responsible for quality assurance, overseeing the implementation of new technology, managing an entire radiology department, or teaching. After finishing X-Ray school, there are no limitations to your career in radiology as long as you are willing to put the effort forth.

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