Nursing Expectations

California and Texas make up 20% of the total population in the United States and only in those states will you find the term Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). All other states use the term Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Licensed Vocational Nurse and/or Licensed Practical Nurse are interchangeable as far as licensing is concerned. You may have to check on individual states' acceptance policy if you are planning to work out of the state where you are currently licensed. Some states accept nursing licenses from other states (this is called reciprocity) so that the license a nurse earns in one state will be honored in another state and the nurse will not be required to take state boards exams again in order to work in the second state. LVN's / LPN's hold a state nursing license and work directly with Registered Nurses (RN's) and Doctors (MD's) to provide patient care.

The LVN LPN courses prepare the nursing student with specific information needed for communication and charting within the health care profession and with patient care in general. Communication and charting are vital skills to monitor the progress of a patient. All progress must be accurately documented in order for the RN's and MD's to evaluate treatment and patient's response to treatment so that the patient receives high quality patient care.

Licensed Vocational Nursing is a very rewarding occupation and it also can be used as a stepping stone to obtain an RN license. RN's and LVN's / LPN's share technical skills and responsibilities.

There are many choices; the only thing holding you back is yourself. Never take no for an answer, especially when it comes to bettering your opportunities for success in the healthcare industry.

If your goal is the medical field is nursing the Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) path is a worthwhile and positive step towards a rewarding career in nursing. It also serves to benefit society in which we live. Your choice in a career in the healthcare field is a well placed choice and Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts can help you to obtain you career nursing goals.

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