Nursing Education in the Information Age

The art and science of nursing has been around for centuries, and is recognized for it's multi-faceted contributions to healthcare, research, and medicine. Not too long ago, nursing was primarily a female dominated profession and viewed as a demeaning profession until the days of Florence Nightengale.
Florence Nightengale recognized the importance of nursing and raised the standard of the nurse as a professional with a respectable education and career which now attracts men and woman of all backgrounds.

Imagine such pioneers as Florence Nightengale and the impact such leaders have on society like Steve Jobs and John Chambers with the high-tech industry. Could you image such a conversation if the aformentioned three leaders were to collaborate on how to teach within a LVN program or LPN program? If we were to be so lucky as to witness such a meeting, it would probably look something like the licensed vocational nursing skills lab at Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts. A hybrid of nursing wisdom blended with high-tech mannequins called simulators in incubation for a state of the art simulation lab. The technology available today is not only advancing our social and business lives, but also changing the way nurse educators teach.

Say good-bye to dusty chalk and screeching blackboards. You don't have to look at the back of your nursing instructors head anymore and wonder if she wore her hair the same as when she wore a nursing cap back when nurses wore white caps as she bores you while writing on the old chalkbaord. Today, when nursing students sit in a classroom, you will find that the information age has rooted itself deeply into the education of our future nurses. Laptops and projectors are a basic staple of the delivery of lectures. Now, not only are the instructors utilizing technology in the theory, but also in the laboratory setting. Life like simulators breathing, possesing a pulse, and capable of a collapsed lung are utilized for training. Computers capable of the same functions found in high-end hospitals are at the nurse educators fingertips. Rest assured that we are not to fear the future, but embrace it and benefit from the high level of education growing in our licensed vocational nursing schools. Healthcare is definitely catching up with technology, and the two together may be the exact formula or recipe which may generate cures for untreatable cancers and illnesses like AIDS. LVNs and LPNs will be able to hold their heads high with the confidence that the education they are receiving today combines both classic nursing theories, humanitarian devotion, and the integration of the advancement of technology.

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