Phlebotomy Certificate Schools

Phlebotomy is a term specific for the medical field. It refers to the extraction of blood and it is practiced in hospitals for tests or transfusions. Phlebotomy used to be a skill learned while practicing the profession, with no need of a phlebotomy certificate. Nowadays, phlebotomists need a four months training in a career center in order to receive the required phlebotomy certification. Phlebotomy studied in college includes anatomy, blood collection techniques, legal aspects of blood collection, as well as patient relationships. Besides the theoretical part it also requires further practice in a hospital or a clinic, for one year. Phlebotomists are always needed in medical offices, clinics, and laboratories. They represent important medical professionals that help doctors and nurses by collecting blood from their patients when needed. Being good technicians, they have the right skills and logistics for taking blood samples in sterile conditions. Besides the actual skills needed for collecting blood samples, phlebotomists should have the ability to communicate with the patients in order to comfort their fears and gain their trust. 

The main aspect in the procedure is the infection control; phlebotomists must take the proper precautions and apply the right procedures for avoiding infections. Any phlebotomist has to understand the vital importance of the precautionary procedures in the preventing of pathogenic transmissions. The phlebotomy certification offers practitioners the knowledge for the procedure. When collecting the blood, phlebotomists first puncture a vein or a fingertip. A phlebotomy certification doesn't stand for the administering of drugs or fluids intravenously. Nevertheless, a phlebotomist should be able to recover a patient, in cases of an adverse reaction to or shock. The phlebotomy certification is only obtained through several very strict examinations of the American Society for Clinical Pathologists, the American Medical Technologists, and the American Association of Medical Personnel.

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