Professional Behavior is a Part of Nursing Profession

Is discipline necessary now days in colleges and vocational schools? Well, this question we are still trying to answer. Interestingly, no matter how old or young students are, we always seem to have behavior issues come up every so often. It seems that students coming to a vocational nursing school would have a clear understanding of professional behavior standards, a certain level of respect to themselves, instructors, and their peers, but it is not always the case. This often leaves the LVN Program instructors puzzled, as they have to deal with disciplining adult students, sadly, at the expense of the class time.

Here they are: a few young girls, recently graduated from high school, now on their way to a bright and rewarding career in nursing. They chose this LVN College, because they heard from their friend, how fast and efficient this school was at helping them get their degree and setting them on their way to the profession of medicine and healthcare. They are full of energy, youth, and hot air, unfortunately. Understanding of professional behavior was not taught in any of the high school class. This is something these girls will have to pick up as they go completely on their own.

So, as they sit and chat and giggle in the back of the classroom, during the valuable lecture time, the instructor looks at them once, then twice, then she pauses her lecture for a few seconds, until the student cheery whispering subsides and patiently waits. The teacher stops the instruction not only to deal with such common behavior issue, but also to regain her composure and gather her thoughts back together. Needless to say, the lecture is interrupted, as the harmonious atmosphere in the classroom is disturbed. Other students are irritated too, because their concentration was broken. Now the entire class is distracted and needs to be refocused on the subject.

How many times do course instructors have to stop their class to deal with discipline issues among students? Well, the answer should be, none. The basics of respecting others, not just the leaders of the class, or department deans, should be propagated from the first day of VN program. This is part of professional attitude any nursing students has to make part of their nature to take to their work place, when they become Licensed Vocational Nurses. This is part of being a healthcare professional: respect yourself and respect others around you. You can not have one without the other. Maybe, it is time to incorporate such basics in our VN program curriculum. After all, professional behavior is part of being in this profession.

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