Psychiatric Technician Career and Job Outlook

Psychiatric Technicians are vital individuals for treating people dealing with some form of mental illness or mental instability.  The list of these diseases includes but not limited to, schizophrenia, depression or dementia.  A Psychiatric technician employs scientific, technical and manual skills to diagnose and treat a patient.

What is the current job scenario for Psychiatric Technicians in the United States?

Many healthcare organizations require experienced psychiatric technicians to join them.  Healthcare organizations are creating more jobs related to this role as cases of schizophrenia and dementia seem to be rising by the day.  It is estimated that the requirement for these technicians would outsmart the requirement of any other job in the next five years.

What should the education levels be of a psychiatric technician?

Most healthcare organizations would require a psychiatric technician to have a 2-year Associates’ degree in Human Service.  An Associates’ degree in any other mental field with enough impetus on mental health services is also desirable.  Some advanced positions may require the technician to have a Psychiatric Technology certificate.

Technicians working in mental health services for adult and children are preferred.  Some healthcare centers, excluding the larger healthcare centers, prefer taking psychiatric technicians who do not have any experience. 

Career Advancement Opportunities

APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse) is an off beat equivalent of the role of Psychiatric Technicians.  These guys possess a master’s degree in psychiatric-mental health nursing and can often apply for the role of a Nurse Practitioner or a Clinical Nurse Specialist.  Individuals working as APRN would be responsible for treating mental disorders in individuals or families.  APRN are qualified to give the entire range of mental health services like education, counseling, and psychotherapy.  As an APRN, you could also set up your own clinic and advise patients from the clinic.

Psychiatric Technicians can complete their Doctorate studies in PMHN (Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing).  PMHN is a highly specialized study in the mental health service domain and completing the doctorate degree in this domain allows technicians to work through private settings and schools of nursing.

Most healthcare organizations provide a training program to aspiring psychiatric technicians for 3-4 years.  The technicians are taught ways to identify a client’s mental issues and the way to treat them.  Some technicians after getting trained prefer to work in community groups that give them excellent on the job practice on the concept of this role.

The role of a Psychiatric Technician is challenging as it deals with the mental side of a client’s problems.  The technicians would need to have mastered the knowledge on their subject to be sure that the client is treated properly.

Advancement opportunities for Psychiatric Technicians are many.  In fact, a lot of healthcare organizations are taking these technicians at a higher level even if they have spent 2-3 years in their current role.  The demand for skilled personnel to fill up different positions in mental health service is high with the supply short. 

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