Radiologic Technician Or Psychiatric Technology Program

Individuals who are interested in careers in the medical field, but don't have the time or money to go to medical school, may want to consider a radiologic technology program. The radiologic technology program will prepare them for working with doctors and preparing patients to be X-rayed, using these advanced machines that help doctors prepare diagnosis for their patients.

If a challenging career working with mentally ill and developmentally disabled patients sounds more interesting, a psychiatric technician program might also be something worth considering. A radiologic technology program can be completed in two years, with courses that prepare the student to properly use the X-ray machines without exposing themselves or others to radiation. The radiologic technology program also prepares the students to be sensitive to patient's needs, since they are often in very stressful situations, waiting for results that will tell them what kind of critical condition their health is in. A good radiologic program will include classroom work, as well as clinical practice under the watch of experienced medical professionals.

A psychiatric technician program can be completed in less than two years; a good program can actually be completed in as little as 14 months. Students in a psychiatric technician program will learn about basic nursing skills and information about the mental disorders they will encounter in their careers. They will also receive clinical practice during the psychiatric technology program, which allows them to use the skills they have received throughout the program.

After the completion of one of these programs, the graduate will be required to take exams that qualify them for state certifications, and some continuing education is required every few years to keep fresh on current medical knowledge. For those who complete a radiologic technology program or psychiatric technician program, a career that is always challenging and always changing awaits.

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