Looking back to the past holiday, the Independence Day, the Birthday of this country, the United States of America, should make us stop and think about this amazing land that has become a home for so many of us. With less than 1% of native population, most of people living in this land are guests who stayed: immigrants or descendants of immigrants, often, many generations past.

This is the land, where many of us come to have a new start, create future for ourselves and our children. This country has been extremely generous, giving us the opportunities we couldn't dream of back where we were born. And no where else can one find the law that treats all people as equals, regardless of religion, place of birth, color of skin, or lineage. This is why this country will thrive and prosper as it grows richer and more powerful, because this is the place, where one can fulfill one's dream and reach one's full potential. Knowing this, people work harder to achieve their goals on their way to the "pursuit of happiness. And when people are happy, they want to make others happy as well.

We can see this distinctly in LVN colleges in California. Here, an LVN class room is a true melting pot: people from all over the world come to Nursing School to start a new life, obtain their Nursing Degree and LVN license to change their lives and fulfill their destiny. People from India, China, Philippines, Europe, Africa, regardless of their religious beliefs or cultural background come to join an LVN program to obtain a new profession, where they can help others. And when they get the nursing license, they go on to return the good by helping others, again, regardless of ethnicity or background.

We can see this again in Licensed Vocational Nursing schools, where the schools' administration tries to be more understanding of students' personal needs and financial struggles. Many LVN colleges offer financial aid or alternative solutions, helping students on their way to their goals, because economic crisis should not put a stop on dreams or put goals on pause. We all work together toward the same goal: help fulfill each person's purpose, and by doing so, help this country.

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