Simulators for LVN Lab

METI-man is here to conquer and improve our LVN program at Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts, Concord Campus. Medical Education Technologies, Inc. (METI) is licensed to provide the Software, which is an integral part of its series of Simulation System. Man is a mannequin/simulator that weights about 100 lbs. (45.36kg) which runs connected to AC input of 90-240VAC. 50/60Hz. Meti-man has internal batteries of 18.5V lithium-ion rechargeable. Meti-man run time is 4 hours (typical).

The Mannequin/Stimulator needs an ambient temperature range for storage such as for operation temperature are 40 F to 104 F (4 C to 40 C) and storage temperature are 40 Fahrenheit to 122 F Fahrenheit (4 Celsius to 50 Celsius). Meti-man has to keep in relative Humidity of 0% to 90% non-condensing. Meti-man has a shock hazard so it reminds students to be sure to follow the instructions on the proper setup, breakdown and use of the Meti-man system.

Meti-man has also a latex warning which means users with latex sensitivity should take necessary precautions when handling the simulator while performing those procedures. Meti-man could mimic almost all of human function such as crying, bleeding, heart beat, etc. except passing gas and have bowel movement which the manufacturing is still working to develop a technology to mimic this normal human function. Who have thought this simple human function is such hard to mimic or copy?

LVN students have already made up the name of this Meti-man such as Arnold, terminator, He/She, Conan, etc. Meti-man has the irresistible charisma or presence that when the Lab room is open or available to students, students are drawn to him. I found LVN students touching and trying to know how to operate him. Meti-man already develops a reputation that he will help students get better education and close to reality experience.

There are even talks that Meti-man would probably one day replace LVN student's clinical rotation. Meti-man will also help students' make-up for their miss clinical days by doing situational simulation in the facility lab.

Meti-man will improve LVN program at Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts, Concord Campus as we could perform procedures and would get accurate feedback for our LVN students' performance. These feedbacks will only help us learn about our LVN students to how we could effectively teach them.

We could perform procedures and practice on Meti-man without putting anybody at risk thus it will be less traumatic to our LVN students and prevent medical error or harming actual patients. It will prepare our LVN students to develop skills and knowledge before going out to their clinical setting. It will help our LVN students gain confidence before they deal with actual patients. It will help our LVN students be to be a better nurse in the future and thus help improve Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts, Concord Campus reputation of being the best school for LVN program.

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