Stay Cool

Everyone has noticed that the great old Sun seems to be trying to catch up for the lost time this past summer here in California, burning all and everything with its merciless, scotching heat. These few days have been, probably, the hottest in this entire season, and the heat wave is still on. People are trying to hide from the ruthless rays in chilled indoors or finding places near water to cool down. We are almost at the end of the summer, and only now we are getting the summery weather. How strange things work out sometimes!

Our moods and behaviors are impacted too by this unexpected, so-long-awaited, and such cruel turn in the weather. Some get irritated by this sauna-like climate, some are driven crazy by the exhausting heat, and yet others welcome the sun rays with a smile, as they hurry to work in the morning. LVN school students are no exception to this. They too get affected by these sudden changes in temperature, outside and in. As the Vocational Nursing students hurry to class in the afternoon, after a long day at work, the heat may be more exhausting than usual. Naturally, being more energy-drained from the weather, it is more difficult to concentrate on school, and it is easier to get frustrated over little things.
For instance, a minor disagreement with a peer or a class mate may be blown out of proportion, when one or both sides are not quite themselves. And it is not always the weather to blame. Attending an LVN program, while working full or part-time, which often comes in addition to being someone's parent, a supporting sibling, or someone's child or grandchild, is a difficult task in itself. Staying cool, while doing all that, takes a truly strong and brave individual.
We all tend to lose our "cool sometimes, when things don't go exactly the way we expected or planned. We get upset and frustrated, even more so, when external factor, such as weather or uncontrollable conditions, affect us. But a future nurse can not allow self such luxury. A future LVN learns early on that regardless of challenges at work, problems at home, or a heat wave outdoors, the nurse must maintain composure, because it reflects on her ability to take care of her patients. "If I fall apart, then everything around be falls apart. This was a simple phrase from a film script, which speaks the truth.
A nurse must stay cool in spite of anything and everything going on in her life. None of the personal frustrations can be brought into the nurse's work. The weather outdoors, and inside of the nurse's body and mind has to be maintained at the comfortable 70° F. And nursing school programs should incorporate this into their curriculum, along with the Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical Surgical, and Pediatrics.

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