The Joys Of Becoming A Registered Nurse

Those considering building a career in the medical field as an LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) or LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) have made a wise decision! Owning an LVN certificate or an LPN one can assure a job with a lot of advantages and satisfactions, on multiple levels. Having a job as a nurse, apart from being a noble and morally rewarding career can also bring major financial benefits. The average annual salary for someone with an LVN certificate can reach $35,000. Careers of people who have earned an LVN certificate are usually secure. This is because of the particularly high demand for nurses in medical institutions, clinics or schools. Statistics show a significant shortage of well-trained vocational nurses who own an LVN certificate at the moment.


The shortage of vocational nurses is expected to grow even further in the following years. This, however, can be good news for those who already own an LVN certificate or are aspiring to become Licensed Vocational Nurses. These are important things to keep in mind, since nursing job opportunities are increasing despite the growth in unemployment and job insecurity. In order to avoid experiencing any difficulties when trying to obtain an LVN certificate, it is very important to attend a high quality LVN program. Those who do this will be well prepared for the challenging examinations that they will have to sit. LVN certificate programs are usually organised over a period of three to four semesters. There are some fast track programs available that offer one year training and are very successful. A good LVN program is one that offers students the opportunity to develop various technical skills, backed up with a set of interpersonal abilities. Therefore, by the end of an LVN program, students should have developed good practical nursing skills.

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