The LVN Admission Program

The students that wish to apply for admission to the College of Nursing must follow a certain standard process, because the admission process requires application both to the University and the College of Nursing. To enter the LVN program you must first make an application and receive an admission to the University. This admission for the LVN program means an automatic or regular unconditional admission into the University Undergraduate Catalog. The acceptance letter for enrollment in the university does not automatically qualify students for acceptance in the LVN program.

There are also other criteria that need to be met before admission to university. One criteria is that the test results obtained by B rule or C rule are not accepted by the College of Nursing as meeting admission testing requirements and also any student with a Provisional Admission status must meet the Admission Release Policy requirements prior to being classified as a pre-nursing major.

To be a part of the LVN program you must also obtain admission to clinical studies. All the students that have met prerequisite requirements for nursing must apply to the College of Nursing for admission to clinical studies. Students are accepted into the LVN program in the spring and fall of each year. The admission to clinical studies is competitive and on a space available basis. There are also some deadlines that you need to know if you decide to apply: March 1st for the fall admission and October 1st for spring admission.

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