The MRI Program California

The MRI program California objectives include a couple of things you will need to learn before get a license and certification. First of all, the MRI program California provides continuing education for licensed Radiologic Technology Professionals (AA, RTs and ARRTs) at the university level. Also it gives access for professionals to meet their mandates continuing education requirements by completing a certification program. The MRI program can provide advanced Radiologic Science imaging education in order to promote excellence in the health care environment. Also, the MRI program California specializes in offering advanced imaging coursework in computer applications, MRI physics, cross-sectional anatomy and advanced clinical internship through placements at the Radiologic Science program's affiliate medical centers. The program aims to prepare the student for new employment in the magnetic resonance imaging field or adds these responsibilities to current employment and it helps qualify the student to sit in the national advanced imaging MRI certification examination.

The criteria for admission in the MRI program California implies that the student must have a overall GPA of 2.5 or higher in all previous college course work and that the applicant has graduated from an accredited program that was approved by the JRCERT and has past the ARRT certificate exam. The Radiologic Technologist must obtain an application for the advanced imaging certificates from the Department of Health Sciences. Then upon submission and review of the application and processing fee per certificate program, the applicant may be accepted into the program. The accepted applicant will then enroll in courses as advised through the College of Extended Learning and/or Open University. To continue in the MRI program California after they had been accepted, they must not take a single grade of C and be accepted for clinical internship by at least two clinical affiliate medical centers.

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