The MRI Program`s Application Procedures

The application procedures of the MRI Program or the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Program get processed once certain items have been submitted. The required items needed for the application include the official copies of transcripts from all high schools, colleges or/and diagnostic school's attended, the copy of the GED if applicable, an application essay in which you must explain your interest in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and three references, one personal and two professional. The application procedures of the MRI Program stipulate that within one month of receiving your application, the schools has to contact you by mail in order to inform you that they received your application.

Within the MRI Program the applications are accepted all year long. Still the application deadline for the MRI program is in April 1 for the classes that are programmed to start in September. The potential candidates for the MRI program that are selected from interviews are required to observe the clinical phase of the program and for these there are no exceptions. The Diagnostic Imaging School administrative assistant programs the clinical observations and these observations last approximately four to eight hours.

After all of the certain school's requirements are accomplished the potential students and candidates for the MRI program will receive notification letters of conditional acceptance or denial. Acceptance is conditional pending receipt of the following documentation: medical clearance form your personal physician, proof of medical insurance, a criminal background check and a registration fee of 1000 dollars that is due by a designated date after notification of acceptance.

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