The Responsibilities Of Psychiatric School Students

After completing a psychiatric technician program at an accredited program such as offered at Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts, graduates should be well prepared to work on a mental health team with other health professionals. Psychiatric school prepares students to work with doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, registered nurses and rehabilitation therapists. Individuals with psychiatric technician training and licensing can treat patients who are mentally ill, emotionally disturbed, or developmentally disabled, with the goal of rehabilitating and returning them to the community.


People attend psychiatric school for a number of reasons, such as the career opportunities, both full and part-time. There are also numerous opportunities for upward mobility and advancement after completing a psychiatric technician program, especially for those who attain additional education. Basic psychiatric technician training is enough to prepare for the level-1 certification, though, which is a great career opportunity for a job that will always be in demand.

During psychiatric technician training, students can expect to learn a variety of skills, including the following:

  • Supervise patients and maintain order
  • Dispense medications and provide nursing care
  • Help patients with personal cleanliness
  • Encourage patients to develop work and social skills
  • Teach, counsel, and write report describing physical and emotional symptoms
  • Physical containment of combative patients
  • Provide individual and group therapy
  • Develop clear and concise reports and documentation of incidents

Psychiatric school also prepares students to work with the treatment team at whichever facility hey work with, in order to provide occupational, recreational, vocational, and educational therapy for patients. There are many important duties that students can expect to learn in a psychiatric technician program, and there are many career opportunities for graduates. Jobs may be found in a variety of hospitals, clinical settings and other types of facilities, and psychiatric school graduates can work practically anywhere in the country that thee facilities are found.

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