Ways to Prevent Nursing Burnout(LPN's)

Throughout the history of LVN nursing, there is a legacy of personnel shortage, lack of funds, and, based on the nature of the role and related services, there are high levels of stress involved in patient care. (Miliken, Clements and Tillman, 2007). This can lead to nursing burnout with all types of nurses, including LPN's.

Although burnout doesn't mean it is necessarily time for a new career, it can be a sign that nurses don't know how to take care of themselves. It is important for nurses to determine what is causing the burnout, if it is your career, then, you may want to look closer into it. However, if it's other parts of your life, then you should eliminate those stressors instead. (Novant Health, Employee Assistance Program).

In Novant Health's Employee Assistance Program, they suggest, that one looks at what's negotiable. We can't add hours to the day, but we can better utilize the hours that are there. Many people say they are tired after work , and all they want to do is go to bed or watch TV. It is at those times when it is important to resist those feelings. Physical activity, doing something fun or spending quality time with loved ones will make a person feel better. Making a list of things of things you enjoy can be helpful.

According to Novant's Health Employee Assistance Program, nurses should schedule enough time for play and realize their jobs are a way to pay bills, not become their life. The more balance that is present in one's life, the better one will be in the long run and the longer nurses will be able to practice their profession.

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