We Must Keep up

"If you want to be somebody, if you want to get somewhere, then you better wake up and pay attention. This is a line from song lyrics I heard sometime ago, but it keeps coming back to mind, when I think about education and doing something with my life. Anyone trying to get somewhere with their life has to wake up and pay attention to the world around. And at present time, the world needs people who think fast, work smart, act flexible, and make wise decisions for themselves and sometimes even for others.

The world is changing, and having the personal qualities necessary for success fifty or even thirty years ago is no longer enough. If back then, high school diploma was enough to get by, now you can't get very far without a bachelor's degree. Even a BS or BA is often inadequate for career success. In many cases, an advanced degree, such as Masters or Doctorate or professional licensing is required to get a job these days. This is why many people returning back to school choose healthcare professions, such as Nursing.

Obtaining a nursing degree these days is no easy task. But it pays off in the long run. Many adults returning back to school, or youngsters graduating from high school, choose this road to success. In many cases, entering an Licensed Vocational Nursing program at a local junior college or a private LVN school is a stepping stone on the way to the higher level of a Registered Nurse. Most people trying to get into nursing programs at community colleges run into the stone wall of long waiting lists, since so many want to go this route. Therefore, the majority will opt for the faster way to the VN goal by entering a private college in order to obtain their degree.

Now-days, choosing a private Nursing school is a faster way to success in getting an LVN degree, even tough, it may be harder financially and logistically. Especially when choosing a fast-paced accelerated programs, which take a year or less to complete. This takes exceedingly strong dedication and perseverance from the VN nursing students, often requiring sacrifices on multiple levels. However, these sacrifices pay off in the long run. And if the private nursing school program comes with an Associate or Bachelor degree in nursing, it justifies all the hard work put into the studies and training, because these are the basic essentials in modern world.

So, if you want to be somebody, you need to pay attention to what the world around demands. And today, the world demands, higher, faster, better. So, we must keep up.

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