What You Need To Do In Order To Obtain A Phlebotomist License

The job of a phlebotomist implies puncturing the patient or client's vein in order to collect a sample of their blood for purposes of transfusion of testing. Physicians and other professionals in the medical field such as clinical laboratory specialist, nurses and medical assistants often employ the services of a person with a phlebotomist license. In the rapidly expanding medical care industry the demand for people with a phlebotomist license is constantly increasing.

But in order to obtain a phlebotomist license there are procedures that one must follow. In most countries, a phlebotomist must take standardized phlebotomy training courses that conclude with a certification. Each country has, of course, different policies about the phlebotomy training necessary to obtain a phlebotomist license. For instance, in the UK, the training of a phlebotomist is done on the job, with no special courses. In New Zealand, in order to obtain a phlebotomist license, you need to have graduated from high school and have a First Aid certificate; apart from that, all other skills are taught on the job as well.

In the United States, however, in order to obtain a phlebotomist license, one must take phlebotomy course for approximately four months in a career center, a community college or trade school. These training courses include rotation practice at a local hospital. Also, it requires a cardio pulmonary certification, which can be obtained by following a day-long class provided by the American Heart Organization or the American Red Cross. The skills necessary for obtaining a phlebotomist license in the United States are also a high school diploma, the ability to follow instructions and handling blood and other body fluids.

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