What's your internal climate

I believe, and I think you will agree, someone cancelled the summer this year. It seems like California is going to skip the whole season altogether. Where is the heat? Where is the scorching, happy California sun? Every morning is gray and gloomy, cold, and, quite frankly, a bit depressing. The sun comes out for only a few hours every day, and when it does come out to shine, it is not as hot, as it usually is during summer. It really feels more like autumn than the summer: the nights are cold and the days are semi-warm. What is going on?

We are all puzzled with this seasonal weather mystery. And yet, regardless of the weather outdoors, like my high school biology teacher used to say, "It should be dry and sunny within a three-yard radius around you, when you are young. I say, it should be so at any age, because there must be sunshine within, and nothing should stop that! When you feel happy, enjoy precious life, and go on with your plans in spite of anything, it doesn't matter what the weather is like outdoors.

It's true, when outside it's gloomy and cold, most of us feel lethargic and dull, like some of our LVN students dragging their feet early in the morning to their clinical rotations. After finding an LVN college in California, where sunshine is expected, and where people want to be, especially here, in the Bay Area, our VN students may find themselves disappointed by the recent climate changes. And yet, when going to a professional school like a VN college, it really helps to keep the internal thermostat at the comfortable eighty degrees, and internal weather at "sunny with clear skies.

Carrying your own weather, wherever you go, is an amazingly useful habit we all should learn. In fact, focusing on the internal factors rather than external factors has been proven by many psychologists to work wonders. This brings us to the locus of control: internal versus external. Locus of control is about where you place your powers: within yourself or outside of yourself. It's about taking responsibility for events in your life: do these events happen because you chose them to happen, or because of some circumstances beyond your control?

Of course, there are things we can not possibly control, like weather, or traffic, or what other people say or do. However, we can definitely control what we say and do. Placing the control within, having the internal locus of control is more empowering. We can clearly see this in our successful LVN students: those who take responsibility for their own actions and choices do get ahead and succeed. Others¦ Well, let's just say, they don't get very far. For example, if a student thinks: if my friend quits that I will quit too, or "if we have a study group, then I will study for the test, or "if only my spouse made more money, I would go to nursing school. These are more of excuses not to do something rather than real reasons.

When you want something, you must take control. You can not wait for a sunny weather in order to feel like it's summer. And just the same way, you can not wait for some condition to happen before you make a positive change in your life. If you do choose to wait for some circumstance beyond your control, you may be waiting a long time. So don't wait, do it today. Life is too short to waste it just dreaming and hoping with no action. Take charge today, and go for what you want. Because you do carry your own weather with you, and there is nothing truer than your climate within, rain or shine.

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