When Dreams Come True

Summer is here, and with it all the school and college graduations. Blue and white balloons are floating here and there, proclaiming the end of the school year. Kate, with a big bunch of spring sunflowers hurries to Buchmann Elementary to pick up her seven year old boy on his last day of school. She can't wait to see the smile of the new Kindergarten graduate, with a missing front tooth, and a ruffled head of angel-blonde hair. The flowers are, of course, for Mrs. Ellison, who was Michael's first teacher. This is the last day of school, and Kate is so proud of little Michael. He is now ready for the first grade, but the whole summer is ahead of him.

How interesting the works itself out! Michael went to school, and with him so did Kate. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that she would return back to school after years of being a receptionist at a dental office. And yet, here she is, attending an LVN school, studying to be an LVN nurse. It has always been her dream, to get into a profession of helping others. But ever since Michael was born, Kate knew, she wanted to be a pediatric nurse. She realized it during the long hours of sitting with Michael in the Emergency Room, when the poor boy had asthma attacks. She held the trembling little body of her son close to her heart, and prayed that she could do something to help. When Michael's asthma attacks became more frequent, Kate would almost fall into despair. That is when it dawned upon her as she made the decision: "I will become a pediatric nurse to help my baby, and to help other kids, just like my little Michael.

The innocent, adoring ear to ear smile and a loving embrace of a little boy running to his mom, the little boy still too young to be ashamed to show his affection in public, that is all she lives for. All the late-night LVN classes, after working full days, all the long sleepless nights studying for the final exams, and the early morning clinical hours, all of it is worth to see the toothless smile of the kindergartener. On the way to becoming a pediatric nurse, Kate must obtain her LVN nursing degree as a stepping stone, and she can't wait to get there, eagerly absorbing all the knowledge and skills from her LVN instructors. Dreams do come true, not only in fairly tales. Kate is making her own dream come true for herself and for her little Michael.

Here he is, running with open arms, stretched out toward mommy, a backpack, almost too large for his size, jumping behind his back, as he runs toward Kate. Sunny day, not a cloud in the sky¦ The summer is here, and so is hope for a sunny tomorrow, when dreams do come true.

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