Why go back to school?

Why do adult people go back to school to become and lvn nurse? Well, the answer is different for every person. Some go back to school to make a drastic change in their current career. They are tired of climbing the current ladder, and they want to get an upgrade in their professional status. This would include nursing assistants, medical assistants, or emergency medical team members. Others return back to school after long years of hard work since their high school graduation, trying to catch up on their college education and make something meaningful of their lives. People go to an lvn school to achieve new control of their lives, to obtain a respected, valuable profession not only for themselves, but for their families, for their children's future.

And yet others enter an lvn program in order to start from scratch, start a new life by crossing out their current profession, and begin something entirely different. With the crash of the high-tech era and the economic crisis, sometimes even computer geeks end up behind the desk of an lvn class. Yes, they say good bye to their careers in Information Technology support, to the Software QA testing, and sometimes, even to the software engineering. Some of these people simply gave up trying to find jobs in the current economy with the skyrocketing unemployment rates. Some of them decided that they are tired of their current profession, tired of staring into a computer day in and day out, and tired of sitting all day long interacting solely with a machine. They are starved for human contact, yearning to work with people, help the people instead of machines, rather using the machines to heal and make others feel better. When craving human interaction, no machine can ever substitute that.

So here they come, to a Licensed Vocational Nursing school, to start from ground zero. The IT technicians, QA engineers, and software professionals knock on the door of a nursing school eager to learn an entirely different craft, discovering new qualities of themselves they never knew before. The training process, dealing with sick patients, studying the science of medicine, and understanding the nursing process often forces the ex-computer specialists to reassess their values in live, such as importance of love, family, children, health, simple pleasures in life, patience, understanding, and acceptance. It is taking care of the others, helping complete strangers, while making a difference in their own lives that is a true journey these students take on the way of self-discovery and wisdom.

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