Your Work Activities After Psychiatric School

Psychiatric technician school prepares individuals for a challenging and rewarding career working with mentally ill and developmentally disabled patients. There are numerous tasks that will be involved with your daily job after completing a psychiatric technician program in California. Many of the tasks involve administering drugs to patients, so pharmacology is an integral part of any psychiatric technician program.

Bay Area students take pharmacology to be able to understand and safely administer medications, but there are also classes in the theory and clinical practice of psychology. Any good psychiatric technician program in California will prepare you for the tough challenges of this job; otherwise it would not be a quality accredited psychiatric technician program.

Bay Area psychiatric technicians must also be certified and pass state examinations before they can begin work. Here are a few of the daily activities that will be required of you as a working psychiatric technician school graduate:

  • Assisting and supporting patient treatment plans developed by treating psychiatrists.
  • Consulting and counseling with clients regarding the various medication therapies and treatment options including behavioral interventions, counseling and group or individual therapy.
  • Monitoring patients using medication and record keeping in accordance with medical requirements.
  • Researching and keeping up-to-date on new medications, dosage requirements and safety issues with the medications used.
  • Reporting any issues, concerns or problems with medication or changes in patient mental or physical health.

To prepare you for the heavy responsibilities, a psychiatric technician program in California will have classes that put you in real clinical practice settings. Psychiatric technician school graduates implement treatment interventions including behavior, humanistic, psychoanalytic and somatic approaches once they finish their psychiatric technician program. Bay Area psychiatric technicians work in many different settings such as community or private hospitals, long-term care agencies, mental health agencies and acute care agencies.

It all starts with psychiatric technician school, though; so if this sounds interesting to you then you can get started by visiting a local campus.

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