Minimum Requirements for Students Enrolling in Distance Education Courses

Minimum Student Skills Requirements

Students are expected to have at least the following skills prior to taking distance education courses:

  • basic keyboarding competence
  • elementary knowledge of their computer operating system
  • basic knowledge of software and tools such as
  • word processor
  • e-mail
  • Internet browser
  • search engine

Hardware Requirements

  • Access to an IBM compatible or Macintosh system (see below for details). For other operating systems, contact us with questions.
  • Internet access either via modem and phone line or a direct network connection (highly recommended to have high speed BROADBAND access).
  • Internet service provider for home access and/or access from work (must have prior to start of the course).
  • Access to the distance education environment for a minimum of 10 hours per week.
  • An e-mail account for sending and receiving electronic mail via the Internet.
  • Students must be able to video conference in real-time (appropriate equipment needed- camera, microphone, etc.)

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Write (OpenOffice) or another word processing program capable of saving files in RTF (Rich Text Format).
  • Web Browser – Firefox 3.0 is highly recommended. To download and install, click the following link However, Opera 9.0, Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher versions (these are free downloadable programs) are some other alternatives. If you plan on using a browser supplied by your Internet service provider (for example, AOL or WebTV), make sure it is the most recent version. We cannot guarantee that all course features will function in all non-Mozilla or Internet Explorer browsers.
  • E-mail software or a Web browser capable of supporting e-mail activity, including sending/receiving attached files.
  • One or more courses may require special (free) plug-ins to access streaming media, PDF files, or other web components.
  • Antivirus software.
  • Download and install the following software if they (or comparable alternatives) are not already configured on your computer:
    • Firefox
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • Adobe Flash Player
    • OpenOffice
    • AVG Antivirus
    • Skype