Financial Aid Floating Manager

  • Job Type: Financial Aid
  • Job Status: Open
  • Date Posted: Nov 19, 2018
  • Campus: Corporate Office
  • Location: Corporate
  • Start Date: TBD
  • Duration: TBD

Job Description

Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts is a leading Bay Area private healthcare college offering an extensive variety of nursing and allied healthcare programs such as: Vocational Nurse, Psychiatric Technician and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN pathway) as well as Nursing Assistant, Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant and Phlebotomy Technician and healthcare programs: Associate of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant, Ultrasound Technology, MRI, Radiologic Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Imaging.

We are currently seeking a Financial Aid Floating Manager for the Corporate Office.

Basic Function

The Financial Aid Manger [FAM] assists the DFA, as the DFA is the primary interface with the USDOE for Pell and loan originations, disbursement approvals, and reconciling all financial aid accounts on behalf of Gurnick. The FAM’s primary role is to assist with ensuring that the financial aid policies and procedures at Gurnick are in compliance with the regulatory agencies guidelines, regulations, and requirements and that the policies and procedures used within the FA department are also in compliance at all times through periodic review and internal file audits.

The FAM will assist the DFA with ensuring that the FAAs are getting the appropriate training through direct interface, meetings, internal training sessions, or through external sources (such as the DOE).

The FAM will be specifically assisting with ensuring that the FAAs are properly determining student’s eligibility for financial aid, calculation of tuition amounts / adjustments, packaging accuracy, reviewing overall progress by assessing each FAA’s tracking worksheet in GEGI, ensuring all desk reference books are up to date at each campus, processing Return to Title IV (R2TIV) funds for any students withdrawing or not returning from an LOA.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities

Loan Processing, Determination, and Administration

  • Download on a daily basis all ISIRs for the FAAs at each campus
  • Review budget/estimate sheets from all FAAs
  • Originate all loan and Pell requests in EDExpress
  • Export all loan / Pell information into COD
  • Assist with ensuring the crossover award year packaging is completed
  • Assist with awarding SEOG / Campus Based awards
  • Conduct periodic audits of Student Financial Aid Files in both hard copy and electronic formats according to policies
  • Assist in processing Return of Title IV (R2TIV) calculations for any students withdrawing or not returning from an LOA
  • Oversee FWS program and FAAs by reconciling hours to ensure students are paid accurately and reviewing files to ensure they are in compliance

Default Management

  • Participate in monthly conference call with I3, Default Management Third Party Servicer
  • Conduct FA Exit Counseling for graduates
  • Assist with tracking and reporting Cohort default rate
  • Assist with reconciliation (and correction if necessary) of the Cohort Default Rate data provided by the USDOE

Campus FAA Support

  • Provide input to the Campus Directors on FAA technical competence for purposes of FAA evaluation and goal setting
  • Assist DFA with facilitation of monthly FA policy meetings to discuss changed government regulations and technical changes impacting the FA process
  • Discuss any necessary changes to the desk reference book
  • Assist DFA with running necessary student satisfactory progress reports to determine student loan disbursement eligibility

Corporate Management and Policy

  • Assist DFA with conducting ongoing regulatory review and compliance research – review NASFAA, IFAP web sites for updates to policy or procedure
  • Assist DFA in yearly compliance audit and in program reviews (by FA audit firm or DOE).
  • Assist DFA with providing procedural and policy changes to the CPO for proglemation to the organization according to Gurnick policy


  • Ensure that GAMA student records / files comply with accreditation and governmental agencies rules and policies including, but not limited to – ABHES, DOE, etc.


  • “Approve” students for financial aid disbursements based on USDOE rules and regulations
  • Assist in the creation of corrective action plans for campuses through FA audits (to be a part of FAA evaluation record)
  • Sign off on new or altered policy and procedures for use in Gurnick’s FA department

Performance Measures

To the degree that:

  • All student financial aid files meet DOE and ABHES guidelines / rules
  • Processes and procedures are up to date and monitored for compliance
  • The FAM is maintaining an appropriate working knowledge of DOE regulations
  • Personal evaluations and goal setting are worked on and updated as per the meeting with their direct report


  • 2 years of direct management experience
  • 4 year college degree preferred
  • 2 years prior work experience in financial aid, collections and lending
  • Organizational knowledge of educational institutions
  • Registrar experience/exposure preferred

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