Program Coordinator-Vocational Nursing

  • Job Type: Management
  • Job Status: Open
  • Date Posted: Oct 25, 2017
  • Campus: San Mateo
  • Location: San Mateo
  • Start Date: TBD
  • Duration: TBD

Job Description

Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts is a leading Bay Area private healthcare college offering an extensive variety of nursing and allied healthcare programs such as: Vocational Nurse, Psychiatric Technician and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN pathway) as well as Nursing Assistant, Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant and Phlebotomy Technician and healthcare programs: Associate of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant, Ultrasound Technology, MRI, Radiologic Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Imaging.

We are currently seeking a Program Coordinator for our Vocational Nursing program our San Mateo Campus.

The primary function of the Program Coordinator is to ensure the day-to- day delivery of their program at their respective campus meets all school policy guidelines and procedures. This is not limited to but includes the management and oversight of all instructors in their didactic and clinical roles. This also includes student academic management to ensure acceptable pass rates and licensure exam outcomes meet school policy standards. Clinical site acquisition assistance/participation and maintenance is also a key responsibility for this role. Student management also includes involvement to ensure satisfactory academic progress is being maintained (as well as the assignment of appropriate tutoring support) and that student marks, attendance, remediation documentation, and other reprimands are all kept up to date. Instructor evaluation, educational in-service plans, evaluations (student and managerial), goal setting, and reprimands are also kept up to date.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and manage the annual Program Effectiveness Plan [PEP] (ABHES requirement)
  • Address student academic concerns and questions
  • Address student overall program concerns, issues, questions
  • Coordinate/Monitor didactic and clinical instructors and classes
  • Issue all Clinical and Didactic Teaching Assignments to Faculty members
  • Coordinate and schedule clinical rotations (and field trips) as they pertain to the Clinical Objectives of each module
  • Create, schedule and monitor clinical groups including clinical site visitations
  • Develop, distribute and maintain Campus Operations Plan as guided by the “Academic Plan” for the year
  • Conduct and lead monthly faculty meetings (at a minimum) discussing program issues while ensuring high faculty attendance/participation - these meetings may be nursing specific or education specific or a combination of both
  • Arrange and provide in-service education for all direct reports for nursing education and instructional education
  • Participate in the acquisition, maintenance, and high level management of clinical sites ensuring adequate clinical placement for all students
  • Schedule of clinical make up hours reflected on Clinical Makeup Calendar
  • Schedule and arrange tutoring sessions reflected on Tutoring Schedule Calendar
  • Make recommendation to hiring committee to hire / discharge instructors at their campus using classroom observation, clinical observation, and performance evaluation forms
  • Passively, formally observe each instructor in the didactic or clinical setting at least once per module
  • Monitor and update faculty file folders as necessary (student feedback, evaluations, goal setting, reprimands, improvement plans, continuing education plans, in-service training, etc.)
  • Distribute and discuss student survey feedback with the appropriate instructor as needed
  • Create Remedial plans, sign off on student remediation success and update the final course grade sections of ‘intranet’ as required
  • Maintenance of student progress including course initiation, six week progress, remediation, HESI and NCLEX
  • Schedule, coordination, monitoring of Exit Exam review course
  • Prepare ‘exit interview’ paperwork (including livescan arrangements, etc.) and conduct exit interviews
  • Ensure the collection of internship requirements for clinical sites
  • Organize any required CPR classes for campus as needed
  • Coordinate with Campus Director, Registrar and/or Student Services Coordinator for monitoring of attendance issues and discrepancies (for financial aid reporting purposes)
  • Represent Gurnick at community at high school career fairs, meetings, etc. or as requested by the Outreach department
  • Review of Instructor time sheets before submission to Campus Director and/or accounting
  • Weekly monitoring of grades and attendance (verifying instructor activities and student trends)
  • Execute curriculum and instructional changes as outlined by school policy and procedures.
  • Participate in program advisory board meeting, improvement committees, and meetings as requested to give feedback and provide recommendations to the Program Director.
  • Conduct annual evaluation and goal setting processes for the instructors and other direct reports
  • Approve/Deny student LOA requests
  • Actively enforce Classroom/Campus policies as they relate to items such as dress code, use of common areas, cell phones, etc. as well as disciplinary action if warranted.
  • Provide regular updates to the Campus Director as to the progress of ongoing issues and student/faculty concerns.

Clinical Coordination (activities can be delegated to a Clinical Instructor II at the discretion of the Program Coordinator / Associate Program Director)

  • Develop a rolling 3 month site visit & call schedule (mix to be determined by both site and Program Coordinator) to assess clinical instructors, sites, and overall facility satisfaction (NOT TO BE DELEGATED)
  • DD Visiting clinical sites at least 1 time per week to evaluate – teaching quality and site management (site satisfaction of Gurnick students by facility management and floor staff – i.e. our student’s appearance, English language usage, following local facility policy as per any explicit orientations given, etc.)
  • DD Site visit of specialty sites or external instructor led sites every 3-4 weeks (especially in the first month of a new student rotation)
  • DD Oversee the student evaluation / feedback of the sites to ensure student is connecting relevance of site experience to their overall program objectives
  • DD Evaluate the site’s willingness to renew affiliation agreement
  • DD Addresses student issues on-site with VN Clinical Faculty if necessary and escalate issue to Program Coordinator as necessary (see escalation guidelines)
  • Coordinate student clinical schedules
  • Complete the BVNPT Facility Approval Application
  • DD Provides instruction during clinical make-ups in skills lab
  • DD Substitute clinical instructor when necessary
  • DD Provides instruction on clinical field trips, alternate days (clinical skills lab)

Additional Responsibilities

  • Ensure procedure compliance with ABHES, BVNPT, BPPE, USDOE, and all other applicable governing/accrediting bodies
  • Ensure Instructors are updating student grades and attendance on the ‘intranet’ in a timely manner
  • Ensure acceptable satisfaction levels surrounding curriculum delivery – student feedback and clinical site feedback
  • Ensure teaching / instructional in-service training is attended by program Instructors (competencies are being developed and maintained)
  • Ensure the required clinical placements are actively managed, planned, and needs communicated to the Outreach department for marketing support
  • Ensure pass rates on licensure exams are above 75% for their modality
  • Ensure credit granting guidelines are met for the program at the campus level
  • Ensure all reporting operational employees adhere to all safety, technical, and health policies in compliance with company policy, accrediting body, and government regulations.
  • Ensure faculty is enforcing Classroom/Campus rules
  • Ensure student evaluations (Instructor/Course, Clinical Facility, etc.) are distributed and collected at the conclusion of all courses, with creation and implementation of a plan of improvement
  • To actively and/or passively mentor faculty member(s) to promote better classroom management, student success and classroom presentation methodologies within their program.
  • To actively mentor faculty member(s) to develop skills, experience and ultimately provide upward mobility in the Gurnick system (career paths)
  • Acquire and maintain a qualified faculty pipeline / pool of candidates
  • Ensure through proper academic support, high student retention rates in the program
  • Ensure Campus Director is aware of issues that may impact overall BVNPT compliance issues (accreditation) and determine whether Program Director should be involved in resolving issue


  • Registered Nurse - California RN
  • Hold a Baccalaureate degree from an accredited school; and
  • Have a minimum of 3 years experience in nursing administration/management or nursing education within the last 5 years; a minimum of 3 years experience as an RN

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