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March 17, 2014

Ultrasound Program - Master Scanning Lab Classes

Our Master Scanning Lab classes' objective is to "fine tune" the student's knowledge of a particular vascular exam. Each MSL is taught by an expert in their field. The lab entails a power point lesson, a quiz then demonstrations in lab with competency tests. This method has ensured confidence in our graduates as to doing specific exams. We have seven different MSLs given 1 Saturday a month. Carotid exams, lower extremity venous, upper extremity venous, lower extremity arterial, abdominal vasculature/TIPS procedures, venous valve incompetency studies-1, and venous valve incompetency studies-2.

Our MSLs are also open to sonographers who work at facilities that are affiliated with Gurnick Academy. This way sonographers can enrich their own skills and be better able to offer guidance at the student's internship site.