Psychiatric Technician Program (PT)

Available at

Concord Campus

Core Program Start Dates: January 6, 2020

Program Description

Psychiatric Technicians (PTs) provide care for mentally disordered or developmentally disabled clients under the supervision of the director of the services. The director may be a physician, psychologist, rehabilitation therapist, social worker, registered nurse, or other professional personnel. The Psychiatric Technician utilizes scientific and technical expertise, and manual skills to provide care and training for clients with mental disorders and developmental disabilities.

The program includes didactic and laboratory training, as well as clinical experiences that correlate with the theoretical education. As a result of the preparation, students will be able to work as a Psychiatric Technician in hospitals or group homes and state mental hospitals.

Psychiatric Technicians in other states as well as in California may also be called: Behavioral Health Technicians, Mental Health Technicians (MHT).

The Psychiatric Technician Program is a diploma program. 

Mission Statement



Clinical Training

We, at Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts, consider clinical experience one of the most important parts of the medical education. Students are required to be rotated throughout our affiliated medical facilities, while attending our psych tech school.

Admission Requirements

Psychiatric Technician Program Length and Schedule


12 months (48 weeks/1,530 hours)

4 modules

Didactic / Lab Sessions Schedule

Morning: 9:00 am — 2:00 pm
Evening: 5:00 pm — 10:00 pm

Clinical Sessions Schedule

Morning: 6:30 am — 3:30 pm
Evening: 2:30 pm — 11:30 pm

The didactic training correlates with the lab and clinical education.

Program Fees 

Registration Fees (non-refundable) $75.00
Books & Materials $300.00
Personal Tablet w/Keyboard Fee (non-refundable) $750.00
Tuition Fee  $27,279.90
Total Program Cost $28,404.90
Prerequisite Fee (additional, if applicable): $1,900.00

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Click here for more information about Financial Assistance.

For details please call:

Licensure for Psychiatric Technicians in California

Find more information about Licensure, Certification and Registry Disclaimer.

Click here for license examination pass rate information.

Psychiatric Technician Job Outlook and Salary

There is a shortage of trained and experienced mental health technicians in California, with constant demand in the public sector. Most jobs are concentrated near state hospitals, but there are many other jobs available within the prison systems, private mental health care facilities and also hospitals are recognizing the use of Psychiatric Techs on mental health units.

Usually Licensed Psychiatric Technicians are employed by:

  • State Hospitals
  • Day Treatment Centers
  • Developmental Centers
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Mental Health Hospitals & Clinics
  • Psychiatric Technician Programs
  • Geropsychiatric Centers
  • Residential Care Facilities
  • Vocational Training Centers

Find more information about the median wages for Psych Techs in the Detailed Guide for Psychiatric Technicians in CaliforniaAdditionally, some information is presented by County: Psychiatric Technicians in East Bay AreaPsychiatric Technicians in San Francisco Bay Area.

Facts and Fun Statistics

This is a new section for many of you who expressed interest in such facts as the ones below about our Academy and our Programs. Psychiatric Technician Program is offered at Concord Campus only. Let us share with you some facts:

  • Most of Psychiatric Technician students are from Fairfield, Concord, Modesto, Vacaville and Vallejo.
  • According to our statistical data more than 28% psychiatric students are from: Brentwood, Martinez, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Tracy.
  • Students from Ceres, Fremont, Oakland, Pinole, Riverbank, San Bruno, Stockton and other nearby locations combine 21% of our student population.

Gainful Employment Disclosure Information

Gurnick Academy is committed to providing thorough and timely vocational medical training to our students so they may obtain gainful employment.

Our institution has provided program specific information regarding gainful employment in compliance with the new Gainful Employment regulations for Title IV eligible institutions, put forward by the U.S. Department of Education, in July 2011.

All required information can be found throughout this page.

Additionally, you can Download State Disclosures and Download Annual Security Report.

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