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What Our Graduates are Saying About Us

 Vocational Nurse Program Reviews

  • Denise, LVN
    "As a graduate of Gurnick Medical of Medical Arts of licensed vocational nursing, I was able to enter the workforce with confidence and knowledge.  The evening classes made it possible for me to go to school around my family's schedule.  The instructors were supportive and conscientious in providing a positive learning experience.  The clinical settings allowed me to develop my practical nursing skills, working with patients and other health care professionals.  I am grateful to Gurnick Academy for giving me a foundation of knowledge necessary to succeed as a student and preparing me for my career in nursing. Being a LVN has opened doors in my life and given me the ability to succeed in my career goals.  I would recommend the LVN program at Gurnick to anyone wishing to make a difference, not only in the quality of their own lives, but in the lives of others."
  • Ariana, LVN
    "Before finding Gurnick I was working as a Medical Assistant but aspired to be a nurse.  Having family obligations I struggle to find a nursing program that would fit into my busy schedule.  I was excited to find Gurnick and to have the opportunity to go to school in the evening.  The instructors made the classroom fun especially with references and actual experiences that made clinical rotations easy to relate.  I would strongly recommend Gurnick to anyone who thinks that nursing is impossible it is possible."
  • Regie, LVN, BSBA
    "I graduated among the first batch of students (with Honors) that Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts have produced in the Modesto Campus.  I am currently employed as a Charge Nurse at Garden City Health Care Center in  Modesto, CA. In-class and clinical instructions coupled with competent faculty and staff members are key to any schools success and that of its students.  I personally experience them at Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts.  Open communication and back and forth line of communication in all fronts of learning is also one key to any students success that GAMA highly encourage.  With these all in place, I went through my LVN schooling like I really claimed and owned my degree, while still in the program, which the faculty and staff members empower their students. I feel this way about any school I attended, and with  GAMA, I am happy I found, that it lets me be myself, express my concerns, and support my utmost potentials.  Now, I look forward to the RN program that I very much anticipate that GAMA would offer in the near future."
  • May, LVN
    "Several years ago, I dreamt of becoming a nurse, and, with the help of Gurnick Academy, my dreams came true. Gurnick is a good school with interesting lectures and clinicals. The clinicals were a great part of the hands on experience for nursing. I really learned a lot from the clinicals. The teachers are friendly, helpful, and resourceful. I recommend people to go to this school. Gurnick Academy gave me the opportunity to excel and reach my goal of becoming a nurse. Now, I am working as a LVN in a long term care facility to help others get better and, or, live life more comfortably."
  • Tania, LVN
    "After being a CNA for years, I was looking to go a step ahead to improve myself, to get more knowledge and to have a better income as well. I began inquiring about LVN courses. At first with the information that I got, I thought that it would be very difficult to drive long distances and give up work in order to comply with the available schedules which were not convenient to my interests. Until I found out about Gurnick Academy which was in the same city where I live, had a convenient schedule.  It was Terrrrific... to just think that I had this great opportunity close to me. I made an appointment to inquire more and met with the Admission Advisor. She was kind and encouraging, I couldn't believe it, but the next day I enrolled in the program.  I studied hard with all the help I could get from my very good instructors. Now I feel proud and happy to accomplish this dream after graduating and getting my LVN license."
  • Brenda, LVN
    "My experience at Gurnick Academy will be unforgettable to me . When I first found out about Gurnick on line I thought to myself I will never get in their LVN program.  There has to be a long waiting list.  I gave it a try and got in! I came into the LVN program without any medical experience some classmates had CNA or MA experience I had none. So that made me even more nervous.  To make long story short Gurnick instructors made it fun and interesting during the lecture and clinical part of the program.  The school helped prepare us for the NCLEX exam.  I now work at Kaiser Permanente in the OBGYN department a job that i got just 3 months after I received my Nurse License in the mail. Like I said I will never forget my experience at Gurnick Academy. Looking forward to the LVN to RN program!"
  • Dorris, LVN
    "Working as a nursing aide in the hospital, made me realize one thing and that is to help more, not only as an aide, but as a real, good and knowledgeable nurse. I thought to be a nurse is only a dream and will always stay as a dream because going to school for me means I have to sacrifice my work. I cannot afford not to work so I have to find a school that is flexible and could accommodate both work and school at the same time. I found it here in this school and it made it easier for me to fulfill my dreams. I am a nurse now and love every minute of it. The skills and knowledge that I got from the school help me to be able to work with different people with different cases and it opens a wide range of opportunity for me to work with and enhance and improve my skills and experience. To be a nurse takes hard work, time and a lot of effort but it’s all worth it because it is nice to be called “Nurse”."
  • Nikita, LVN
    "I attended LVN program of GAMA in San Mateo campus and completed my classes in August 2009. After that I passed board examination and received my license. All the stuff members and instructors are professionals, who have a lot of experience in nursing field and knowledge. They are ready to help with any questions, at any time.       The campus is really nice and everything is made for you to feel comfortable. It’s very helpful to use computers and browse through internet during lunch time to practice some questions or get some extra information. Every single instructor had their own strategy of teaching depending on subject and was very helpful in learning material, which stays in your memory and can help with your tests. Quizzes, midterms and finals are given in different stages of difficulty, which can also develop confidence in students and let them practice in all levels of critical thinking and strategy.
    I passed NCLEX with the first attempt and proud of my accomplishment. Clinical instructors are so knowledgeable that now I don’t really have problems at work and feel myself on the right place, doing the right job. So, if you’re interested in medicine and have a desire to help people, and have a good life in return you should definitely choose Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts."
  • Yana, LVN
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  • Imi, LVN
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MRI Technology Program Reviews

  • Yuriy, ARMRIT
    "I became a student of Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts because one of my friends recommended the school with four words:  “the school that cares”.
    I am 27 years old. I came to US in 2006, got married and had twins in 2007. The next year 2008 in September I enrolled to an MRI program at Gurnick Academy. That’s how my life here in the United States began.
    In Armenia (that’s where I am from) I was on a rescue team in Red Cross and had a background in CPR and Education. I didn’t know English well enough to actually study in it. I somehow managed the entrance test and the admissions. For the prerequisite course I almost failed the class. I worked hard to get in. I also worked as a swim couch in the mornings, went to school during the day and babysat my little twins at night! I didn’t believe something will come out of this. Even though I was skeptical, the instructors and the staff cared so much for my success that I had no other way but to continue. I was going with the flow and was learning not only the field, but also the language.
    Everything changed one day. I started going to the internship and got the hang of it.  People in the clinic and the faculty, the patients and the cases started fascinating me. I started enjoying what I was doing because I could now put theory to practice. It took me just over a year to graduate, get my license (from the first try) and get employed as the Lead MRI Tech at Health Diagnostics San Francisco, CA.
    On my second week of work as an MRI Lead Tech I received a letter (forwarded from my boss: Dr. Widowski) from the husband of one of my patients. I was so happy! I am attaching this letter for you to enjoy! I still can’t believe I accomplished and realized my goal, but I do appreciate the tremendous work that was done by the team of Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts. The staff and faculty, the program director and the internship coordinators believed in me and pushed me to success. I am grateful to Gurnick Academy for their help and support and to the MRI Department for keeping it real!! Thanks guys!!!!"

Ultrasound Technology Program Reviews

  • Dennis, ARMRIT
    "Gurnick Academy is the foundation to my success. Very detailed and knowledgeable course instructors. I made the right decision and totally changed my life, now I have a permanent and stable job. Thank you!"
  • Jacy, RDMS
    "Although I am a January 2008 graduate, Gurnick has continued to keep my informed of happenings within the school and the industry. They also played a major role in my ability to secure employment right after I completed the program."
  • Debbie, RDMS
    "Gurnick Academy helped me to find my 1st job. My instructors were always there to help me out. Big help for preparation for ARDMS exams."
  • Sigita, RDMS
    "As a former Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts student I would like to express my thanks to all my clinical instructors and teachers- Bahram Aliassa, David Sorokurs, Guillermo Paredes. The clinical, theoretical knowledge and practice in the lab with no doubt helped me getting started in my new career as a sonographer. My instructors helped me putting my resume together, prepare for ARDMS exams. During my studies and the internship they were available to answer any questions or concerns that I had. I feel I got great basics of sonography at Gurnick Academy."
  • Lena, RDMS, RVT
    "Gurnick helped me to get my first job @ Deccan Pacific Medical group. They actually found that place and sent my resume there."
  • Manvindar, RDMS
    "I would like to say that Gurnick has definitely given me a chance to improve my life. I have recently been hired at a hospital as a Ultrasound tech. Going through the program at Gurnick gave me the basics so I could get my career started. I am pleased that I had a wonderful instructor like David Sorokurs. Most of what I know about scanning is because of David's teaching. I feel that anytime I needed any help or guidance I was always helped. I would like to Thank Gurnick Academy for all they did for me."
  • Margit, DMS
    "I would like to express my many thanks to the whole staff of the DMS program at Gurnick for putting together a very competitive educational curriculum for the DMS program. First I would like to mention the hard work from Guillermo in extending his didactic curses to include not only the basic knowledge pertaining to ultrasound, but a broader view of medical facts that allows me to become better sonographers. Bahram has added an invaluable part to the program by selflessly sharing his vast knowledge of OB-GYN any time even after regular school hours. Last but not least I would like to thank David for his dedication in not only showing me the art of ultrasound but going out of his way to accommodate me in my internship, considering that I became pregnant and needed some adjustments. Jacqueline has been great with assisting me in scheduling and coordinating my internship, so that I was able to finish before I gave birth. The whole staff was very involved in my education and also with following up with job offers and helpful information regarding seminars and continuing education in the field of sonography. I am very happy to have chosen Gurnick for my school."
  • Scott, RDMS
    "I feel fortunate to be a graduate of Gurnick Academy, not only because of a great Ultrasound program but also the post graduation support I received.  David Sorokurs and his colleagues were available for advice on the ARDMS exams, technical issues and other related questions, and the U/S lab was available for refining my scanning skills. One more extremely important service was help finding a job.  Gurnick Academy goes over the top supplying job listings to its graduates. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gurnick Academy to anyone serious about learning ultrasound."
  • Mike, RDMS
    "It looks like I will be offered the job at Sutter Healthcare... nice to have a great opportunity! The interview process consisted of a one hour question/answer session with the head of radiology admin and the lead tech. They asked me a variety of questions about our school's internship experiences and training and my background. I thought ahead of time they might ask a lot of medical questions but there were none. The second session consisted of scanning patients with the lead tech watching me. They use a new type of Toshiba with touch-screen that I had not seen before. But she was really interested in how I scanned, and not that I already knew the new machine. She said I would learn the buttons quickly. I am being offered $31 per hour. Less than the Bay Area, but at this point in my career, I am just happy to have a good job in a well-known medical facility. They will move me up to $40 if I stay and have good skills. I have to pass background check and other admin procedures, but everything should be ok.  They have a relationship with a local community college so they keep 3 interns in the X-ray department, and 1 in the ultrasound department. I believe they will hire this intern because they need her and she is pretty good. Thanks for all your help!"
  • Shely, RDMS
    "I haven't told you already, I'm so THANKFUL to Gurnick Academy, Konstantin, Dr. Bahram, Guillermo and especially you for helping me achieve my dream.  I can truly say that i have found my passion and calling in life."
  • Claire, RDMS
    "Again I wanted to thank you for prepping us so well for the exams.  I got the same score on my physics on Friday as I did on Abdominal which both reflect my grades in your classes.  So I think that speaks well to the classes!  Guess I'm ARDMS now!"
  • Yalda, RDMS
    "I want to let you know that I passed abdomen. I will always be thankful to you for all the hard work & efforts you have put in, for educating me. Respectfully."
  • David, Current Student
    "I wanted to let you know that I DO appreciate the dedication and intention that you and all of the staff at Gurnick put into making the DMS program the best that it can be.  it was clear that you are all supremely committed to providing the best possible educational experience for the students. I realize that it is my job to live up to that. It is my intention to be the best at sonography that I can be, not only so I can have a long a successful career, but that I can be proud of my efforts and feel that I am doing more than just picking up a paycheck. To that end I am sure that my decision to attend Gurnick was a good one. Thanks again for all of your assistance and instruction."
  • Leilani, RDMS
    "Just wanted to thank you for sending my resume/recommending me to the medical director of Santa Clara Imaging. He offered me a job to work 2-3 days a week at his medical imaging center.Thanks again and best regards to you!"

Comments from the Employers of Our Graduates and Our Clinical Affiliates

Comment from a Clinical Affiliate

  • Anna Balsley CRT, ARRT(R)(M)(CT)(MR)Manager Diagnostic Imaging, Sutter Delta Medical Center
    "I wanted to pass along a patient compliment regarding our US student Sang Kang.  The patient stated she was professional in identifying herself as an intern, she provided a very gentle touch and when the staff tech went in everything was done to our standard of practice. So please know that we appreciate the customer service and great patient care provided by Sang Kang. Thank you."
  • One of the staff members paid a delightful compliment to our students — to paraphrase:
    "I was shocked when I saw the students actively involved in the activities of the morning. I have been here 19 years and have never seen the students that involved. They mostly just hung out with the treatment nurse or the medication nurse. I wanted to tell you this compliment and I am impressed." Mervina said on Monday, "The staff likes you already because you are involved."
  • Elena Danilova, MRI Technolofists, ARMRIT, Sports Imaging Open MRI
    "It was a pleasure to be a clinical instructor of MRI students of Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts. The school has great curriculum and focuses on subjects that crucial to become knowledgeable and successful MRI Technologists."
  • Arnold Ramos, ARRT
    "As a clinical instructor teaching students coming from different MRI schools, I personally find the students from the Gurnick Academy the best prepared.  They are always enthusiastic about what they are doing and perform at a very professional level from the very start."

Comment from Employer of Our Graduates

  • W. Desmond McCallum, MD, FRCOG, Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
    "I would like to take this opportunity and extend my sincere gratitude to Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts. I established Peninsula Prenatal Diagnostics, Inc. which is a medical corporation dedicated to the prenatal care of expectant mothers and their fetus. We are a high risk Obstetrical Diagnostic Center with 5 locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We are accredited by American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) well as Fetal Medicine Foundation of the USA.
    Peninsula Prenatal Diagnostics, Inc. is affiliated with Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts for over 4 years. I accept interns from Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program (Ultrasound) of Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts with great pleasure and anticipation. I have hired 7 graduates from Gurnick Academy already. The reason for my anticipation to meet the new interns is the pleasure I receive from training them and evaluating their preparedness level. I have to state that the level of education of Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in many cases is higher than that of the graduates of local colleges and universities. Interns and graduates are almost always ready and excited to start the day. In some cases their skills and abilities are exceeding my expectations. They are well prepared and organized, hard-working and ethical.
    I am looking forward to see more qualified graduates and am always delighted to hear news about the expansion of Gurnick Academy in regards to educational offerings. Gurnick please keep up the good work!
    With respect, W. Desmond McCallum, MD, FRCOG"
  • Linda Nomellini, RNP, DirectorOB/GYN & Pediatrics Daly City Medical OfficesSouth San Francisco Medical CenterKaiser Permanente
    "The benefits for participating in the outpatient training of the LVN student are numerous.  It is so beneficial to have the ability to mold the LVN's educational experience and focus on the important and essential qualities specific to the department.   Although I did not have the opportunity to train Denise or Brenda, the ability to call the school and request a recommendation for their top students was priceless.
    Denise arrived to the department of OB/Gyn as a new graduate of Gurnick.  She was licensed and looking for a full time position.  I found Denise very mature, responsible, and eager to learn a new field of nursing.  She posses a broad knowledge of the position and its relationship to others in the department. She was very well organized and produced quality work. Denise was comfortable and displayed exceptional skills in communicating with patients and a diverse professional department. She displayed comfort in dealing with the emotional or difficult patient. Denise is punctual and has few absences.  She is an exceptional and willing employee to meet the needs of the department and places the patient first.   Her outstanding enthusiasm and willingness to learn new skills is commendable.
    Brenda join our staff later in the same year as Denise. She too was professional in her presentation and displayed willingness to take on the challenge of learning a new field of nursing.  It was comforting for the two to compare notes and work through complex complicated experiences.  The two nurses have been a stabilizing factor in training the students.  I believe the students respect these two nurses and look to the future to follow in their footsteps.  It is a pleasure to have Gurnick students, the collaboration and open door communication with the school makes for easier educational and meaningful experience for the students."
  • Diana Iturribarria, Operations ManagerHealth Diagnostics
    "We have worked with Gurnick Academy for the last few years.  The students that come to us are very professional, courteous and helpful at our sites.  We like them so much we have hired 3 students to date and have 2 additional students doing their externship with us now.  All in all it has been a favorable experience."
  • Wayne C. Leonhardt, BA, RDMS, RVT, APS, Lead Sonographer, Clinical Director, and Continuing Education Coordinator, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Merritt Pavilion
    "I want to thank you and Gurnick Medical Academy of Arts for providing Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Merritt Pavilion, with exceptional sonography students. As a clinical affiliate in a very busy general and vascular imaging department, we take great pride in providing high quality sonography exams to our medical community.
    Our standards are high and expectations are a core requirement. Since 2007, I have hired approximately nine graduates from your program. Given our economic crisis and cutbacks in health care, I am proud to staff our department with your graduates from the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program.
    I feel the strong didactic program provided at Gurnick, along with focused clinical hands-on laboratory classes, help launch the students to perform at their best in real world clinical situations. Furthermore, I am impressed on how organized, professional, ethical, and hard working they are.  Keep up the great work!"
  • Vladimir Yarosh, Resident Care Director, Mission Villa Alzheimer’s Center
    "Heidie H. has been an employee of Mission Villa for 6 years.  She started as a Certified Nurse Assistant on December 2004.  On March 2005 she was promoted to the Director of Staff Development and Assistant to the Administrator.  In 2008 she started her schooling at Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in San Mateo in the Vocational Nursing Program.  In March 2009, she graduated at the top of her class with an honorary degree and was hired at Mission Villa as a staff LVN after passing her NCLEX-PN in the first attempt and shortly receiving her license.  After attending Gurnick Academy, she has become an invaluable asset to Mission Villa as she continues her RN studies.  She has been a tremendous help to the facility."

Comment from a Patient about Our Graduate

  • Dear Mr. Widowski: ….Your staff -- notably Yuriy Gevorgyan and receptionist, performed well-above and beyond the call of duty, in helping to make my partner feel reassured and comfortable during her hour visit.  In today's impersonal and bottom-line driven world, it's rare to find such skilled and sensitive people dealing with the public.  It is noticed, and appreciated. Yuri was extraordinarily thoughtful, taking the extra minute to explain the process and preparation and ….I can say without fear of contradiction, his time and manner helped make the difference for her entire MRI experience.
    We're grateful to them both and to your company for having professionals like that around when the patient's are convinced their chips are down.On behalf of both of us, thanks again. MP