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Miguel M.-Medical Assistant Student

Miguel M.

Medical Assistant Student

Roxanna S.-Medical Assistant Student

Roxanna S.

Medical Assistant Student

Macauley G.-Medical Assistant Student

Macauley G.

Medical Assistant Student

Ny'asia W.-Medical Assistant Student

Ny'asia W.

Medical Assistant Student

Lupita G.-Medical Assistant Student

Lupita G.

Medical Assistant Student

Hazel M.-Dental Assistant

Hazel M.

Dental Assistant

This course has given me all the skills and training I need in order to be a successful dental assistant. The instructor was very knowledgeable and willing to help at any time throughout the course. Ms. McAulliffe was always enthusiastic and made the program an enjoyable experience as well as kept us on track. The facility has great equipment that is available to students. This program worked very well with my schedule and the staff at Gurnick helped make the whole process smooth. The course itself was straight forward and the hands on learning is what attracted me.

Jocelyn M-Medical Assistant

Jocelyn M

Medical Assistant

Gurnick Academy was the first step to my career. They were my first step to my success in Kaiser. I attended the Medical Assisting program in 2017 and a little after got hired at Kaiser in 2018. One of the things that made my experience fun and successful were my teachers. I feel like my teachers helped me a lot because they themselves were medical assistant at one point in life and knew what the physician wanted from their medical assistants. I was hands on everyday with procedures we do everyday in a clinic setting. Being hands on helped me especially because it’s an easier way to learn for me instead of reading a book. We met a lot of new people with different backgrounds in our class but we were all there for one reason and it was to graduate as a medical assistant and we all accomplished that. We graduated with 4 certifications and a great lifetime experience. Now I’m truly happy working at Kaiser in the Orthopedics department, and I could not have done it without Gurnick. I recommend a lot of my friends to this program because I don’t feel like they are other teachers like mine. Gurnick is the best and if Medical Assisting is not for you there’s other opportunities to choose from.

Dawn K.-Physical Therapist Assistant

Dawn K.

Physical Therapist Assistant

I have had the most amazing experience during my time at Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts. After signing up for the PTA program I entered a whole new world! Earning my AS degree with this team of experts at Gurnick Academy left me with more knowledge beyond my expectations. I was able to step out into my new career with confidence and a sense of accomplishment that will last me a lifetime. I have deep gratitude for the opportunity to have been a part of the creative way Gurnick takes their students through an intensive course showing great care for each students needs to see them through. Gurnick Academy continues to be a part of all their graduates. They take the time to post new jobs and remain interested in our careers and growth. Truly a family like environment! Thank you so much Gurnick Academy!

Santana R.-Medical Assistant

Santana R.

Medical Assistant

Having my daughter at such a young age had given me more reasons and motivation to pursue my career in the medical field. Thankful for finding the perfect Medical Assisting program at Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts and enrolled into the program. Going through the program was not a piece of cake but with the help of my instructors, I was able to graduate and obtain a job straight out of school. The Medical Assisting program prepared me to become the skilled MA I have become today. As a Medical Assistant with multiple medical field experiences, I am successful and happy to continue in excelling my skills to further my career.

Arlet H.-Dental Assistant

Arlet H.

Dental Assistant

Hello, my name is Arlet and I am a graduate of Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts.
How I discovered Gurnick was through an advertisement on my Instagram account. At that time, I was attending a local community college, San Joaquin Delta College, in Stockton with my major being undecided. Which means I had been going to this school for about a year and half and had not taken any classes that were focused in a major. This is because I genuinely had no idea what career path was right for me. I wanted something that could fuel me with passion, and I had no clue what it could possibly be. I was not doing so good in the general education classes that I took, and I think it was because I was not excited about school. It did not occur to me that my lack of enthusiasm was because I had no end goal. Until one day my parents sat me down and expressed their worries about my future. After the conversation with my parents I felt like a failure. I knew that as a first-generation child, going to school and having a good career was the best way I could ever repay for my parents sacrifices. A few days after, I was scrolling through my Instagram and an ad for a Dental Assistant program at Gurnick showed up. I thought to myself that this could be a great opportunity for me since at this point, I felt like there was nothing to lose. I signed up just to get more information about the school and I believe that was the best decision I have ever made. The day of my tour, my dad came with me. Everything was explained so well to us and answered the millions of questions my dad asked. At the end, I took a tour around school and saw the Dental Assistant lab. When I walked in, I felt like I was in an actual dental office. It was awesome! At that point I was already slightly convinced that I was going to attend this school, until I met the faculty and it sealed the deal. When we left, we both knew I was in the right path and that this was a new beginning for me.
My experience during school was amazing. I loved going to class, I learned so much and I was able to practice everything I learned. The hands-on teaching method was so helpful and effective for me. This program has opened so many doors for me and has made me a better and happier person. I feel like I am moving forward and can accomplish anything I set my mind too. Now as a graduate, some amazing things have happened. I am working at Stadium Dental and love going to work every day. But most importantly I made my parents proud.

Sarah S.-Radiologic Technologist

Sarah S.

Radiologic Technologist

Prior to entering the Radiologic Technology program at Gurnick Academy, I spent 16 years teaching Special Education. Going back to school at my age was going to be a challenging transition, but it was made easy with the support from my family and the instructors at Gurnick. This intense program has provided me with a high level of education and training needed to be a successful technologist. During my internship as a student radiographer, I’ve had great hands on training in a variety of hospital and outpatient settings. These experiences have been amazing, and I’ve made great connections with many radiology department staff. As an upcoming graduate, I feel prepared and ready to enter this field with confidence and it’s all because of how hard I’ve been pushed by my instructors to be the best. Going back to school and completing this program is a huge milestone for me. I’m very proud to be a future graduate of the RT program at Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts, Sacramento.

Amanjot D.-Radiologic Technologist

Amanjot D.

Radiologic Technologist

I always knew I wanted to have a career in healthcare but with no experience or exposure to the industry, I didn’t know where to start.  After shadowing a variety of imaging healthcare professionals, I found myself intrigued by the Radiologic Technologists.  I was fascinated with what they did and fell in love with the workflow.  This served as my motivation to enroll into Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts’ Radiologic Technology program. 
My journey at Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts began on July 3, 2017.  I was told that this would be the most challenging educational experience I’d have to date but I was ready, and I knew nothing worth having comes without putting in hard work.  Gurnick has amazing instructors who have guided me through both my didactic and clinical experience.  Gurnick also has wide range of clinical sites.  The experience I’ve gained through my clinical rotations has prepared me for numerous types of situations and medical settings such as clinics, hospitals, inpatient, outpatient, and OR.  
With a little less than three months left until graduation, I can say that I made the right decision in choosing to pursue a degree in Radiologic Technology.  I am very satisfied with the level of education that I’ve received from Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts and I look forward to beginning my career as a Radiologic Technologist!

Vaneh Z.G.-Radiologic Technologist

Vaneh Z.G.

Radiologic Technologist

I always wanted to pursue a career as a radiologic technologist and knew a good education and training was needed to make my dream come true. I didn’t know what to expect when I started attending Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts. But was quickly impressed with the quality of education which I have received. I truly believe Gurnick has definitely prepared me for whatever my medical career will throw at me. Not only has the classroom and hands on training  made me stand out within my field but it has also prepared me for the ARRT licensing exam.

Sylvia S.-Vocational Nurse

Sylvia S.

Vocational Nurse

One of the best decisions I’ve made in my life is attending Gurnick Academy. The instructors were amazing , caring and incredibly knowledgeable. Gurnick prepared me in so many ways towards my new career. From the moment I became a student I embarked into a new life. Gurnick continues to support you even after you graduate. The career services department will help set up job interviews, make resumes and job placement for life. There is not enough good things I can say about this school and I would encourage anyone to attend Gurnick.

Emily A.-Registered Nurse

Emily A.

Registered Nurse

As a LVN I was waiting for the right opportunity to further my nursing education. Gurnick was able to give me that route to become a Registered Nurse. Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts has helped shape the course of the rest of my life and has given me the foundation for which I will grow my career for years to come. Gurnick has really opened my eyes to the importance of team building. To realize that you are not just a student at a random college but instead have a whole team behind you working together to get you to a better place, really changed the game for me. I wanted to do well for myself, but knowing that the instructors and leaders around me cared about me as a person AND about me succeeding in the program made me even more motivated. The Gurnick difference is that they are meticulous when hiring staff. They make sure that each person is an expert in their field.  This dramatically increased our learning and ability to perform in class and at clinical sites. My class was able to practice in a Level 1 Trauma Center where our daily preceptors trusted us more because they knew our instructors were great nurses themselves. That gave our preceptors more confidence in us and we were able to show our individual skills with that trust in the Gurnick instructors. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity given to earn my ADN degree at Gurnick and the lifelong mentors I will hold dear.

Alejandro A.-A.S. in Nursing Specialist

Alejandro A.

A.S. in Nursing Specialist

In conclusion my experience at Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts, A.D.N Program, Fresno Campus was perfect. I realized that nothing in life worth having comes easy and I definitely received a 110% effort from the instructors and professors. I was always in a safe, positive environment conducive to my learning. Gurnick academically and emotionally always provided support when times were tough. Extra time was always given to clear up a topic and classrooms were always available for me to review schoolwork with my peers. Today I find myself reflecting on my time at Gurnick Academy and I have received word from many peers that most of us have passed the NCLEX first attempt and are now receiving offer letters for our first job as RN’s. It truly is a dream come true and I know that Gurnick staff are proud of my achievements.

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