Career Options in Nursing Field

Nursing is one of noble and fulfilling professions in the medical domain. Nursing as an occupation gives multiple nursing career options depending on the nature and specialization giving you a scope for learning and enhancing your knowledge on a continual basis.

The various options are:

1.      Hospital Nursing Career: This forms a major group of nurses. The nurses here are assigned to one of the divisions which could be surgery, maternity (delivery), intensive care, pediatric, obstetric, or rehabilitative and for many such other specific specializations the hospital is known.

2.      Public / Community Health Nursing Career: This group of nurses are the ones working in government health departments and large private clinics more specifically in rural or countryside with a aim to provide basic medical services to the underprivileged. In urban areas they instruct groups of people with health care education, disease causes and prevention, nutrition guidelines and much more. They practically run immunization campaigns and other related medical screening.

3.      Military Nursing Career: This is group of nurses providing their services to the armed force personnel, also serving the nation – a dual service.

4.      Educational Nurses: You could be teaching course subjects to students pursuing nursing or medical administration programs.

5.      Industrial/ Occupational Health Nursing Career: These nurses work under directives from industrial trauma specialist physicians, assisting them in drawing up safety plans and measures. Emergency care after accidents or mishap at industrial premises is something they proficiently handle.

6.      Psychiatric Nursing Career: Working with patients suffering emotionally or having a psychological disorder or distress is psychiatric nursing. These nurses need to have lots of patience, devotion and perseverance and work in coordination with psychiatrists or specialist doctors.

7.      Pediatric Nursing Career: Working with babies and children who are sick and taking care of them. Again this requires lots of affection and care.

8.      Orthopedic Nursing Career: This is a rehabilitation nursing where one needs to have good knowledge of physiotherapy.

This is an overall broad categorization for the vocation of nursing. The other fact making this profession even more exciting is the pay. The average median earnings of registered nurses in the US were $49,840 in 2002, only one other profession leading it was the accountant.

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