Choose A Career As A Licensed Vocational Nurse

How about a launch into a personal and financial rewarding career, building a career in the medical field as a LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) or LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)? Are you ready to benefit from the multiple advantages and satisfactions from this noble and morally career that brings major financial benefits, in order to provide yourself a financially stable future? Did you know that the average annual salary for licensed vocational nurses revolves around $35,000, and that the administrators earn an average $45,000? And we can continue the enumeration by mentioning that Clinical Nurse Specialists earn around $40,000, nurse practitioners earn an average $70,000, and Nurse Anesthetists earn up to $110,000 a year.

Who wouldn’t like to have an honorable job that can bring so much money? In order to enter the medical environment, first you’ve got to run a LNV program. The LNV program provides its appliers the opportunity to develop certain technical skills improved by a set of interpersonal abilities. LNV programs offer twelve months to two years training in anatomy and physiology, medications, and practical patient care. Being a high demand for nurses not only in medical institutions, but in schools and clinics, worldwide, the LNV program certifies graduates in performing medical procedures under the supervision of either a professional registered nurse or a physician, allowing them to administrate most medication, excluding IV push medications, to perform measurements such as blood pressure or temperature, to maintain patient records, or even helping with patient-care planning, surgery, first aid, CPR, sterile and isolation procedure and basic care.

In the present there are about 700,000 persons employed as licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses in In order to apply successfully to a job in the medical field you have to graduate a LNV program and to have a clean criminal record as well. Then you must pass state or national boards (such as NCLEX-PN in the ) and renew your license periodically.

Running a LVN program you will develop good practical skills and abilities regarding nursing care, administrating medical treatments, identifying, reporting and registering patients’ symptoms, as well as fulfilling various therapeutic and recuperative methods.

Practically, the LVN program gives you the opportunity to work in the best healthcare establishments in the world, earning good money and building a brilliant career in the medical field, because in addition to the financial rewarding, a career as a vocational nurse is on a long term and provides you a more stable future. Even more, the shortage of vocational nurses is expected to double or even triple in the following years, the opportunity to work as a graduate from a LNV program seems to grow continuously, rendering a career in the field and a secure financial future.

Make sure you attend a high quality LVN program in order to become completely prepared for the NCLEX-PN examination. The NCLEX-PN (National Council Licensure Examination- Practical Nurse) is a computer-adaptive test of entry-level nursing competence. The exam may include items at all of the cognitive levels.

Recently, among the LVN programs that last three to four semesters, appeared some fast track LVN programs that give students the possibility to pass the exam earlier in order to start building their career.

So, think about your future and your financial stability, as well as building a career that gives you the satisfaction of helping people in need.

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