There is no such thing as free lunch

"Sometimes, sound waves travel especially slowly: whatever you say to your children when they are fourteen reaches them only when they are forty. This was the humoristic remark I found recently in my email box. But, boy, is that true! And what stands behind this funny line?

Our parents have always said to us: "There is no such thing as free lunch. You have to work hard for everything in your life, you have to invest energy and effort into your future, make sacrifices. "If you want to be somebody, if you want to get somewhere, you have to wake up and pay attention, — is the line from a song. Here, we find LVN programs in California offering young and old to wake up and pay attention and become and LVN nurse. On the first day of LVN program class, when we ask the students in the class, why they have come to school, and why they are on their way to LVN nursing, most of them admit, they want to become registered nurses later, and this is just a stepping stone.

True, there is a shortage of RN's in California, and getting into an RN program requires sitting on a waitlist for years. So many of our students have decided to take a detour around the system, get the LVN license, and then join a bridge program to RN. This does require quite a lot of time on their part, and a huge commitment. And this is why an accelerated LVN program is often the one of choice: in merely a year, one can obtain their VN diploma and be able to take the NCLEX, the license exam to be the official Licensed Vocational Nurse. Then shortly after that, students have a choice of joining the work force in order to get some clinical experience in real life, and in a few months return back to school to get their RN degree.

This does sound like a convoluted and quite difficult way to get to the RN goal, and some of our students are following their parents' footsteps, making the mom-nurse or dad-nurse very proud. However, this is one of the shortest ways to get there. And those of the students who heard their parents' words sooner than in their forties and understood that in order to get somewhere, they had to "wake up and pay attention, they would be the ones to succeed on the way. These are the stories with happy endings.

What about the rest of them, those who missed this important message? Well, the history does not tell much about them. Maybe the best things in life are free, but, as the wise ones say, there is no such thing as free lunch.

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